JFK Assassination

By: Marcus Griffin


John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States. On November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas JFK was cruising down Dealey Plaza. At 12:30 3 bullets ingressed the president, one in the head, one through the back, and one through the throat.
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Media Portrayal

The media made the event that it was an assassination committed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was supposedly in the book depository that has an overlook of Dealey plaza. Kennedy was in dallas with his political advisers to help plan for the next election year and to rally voters. As Kennedy turned on to main street that is supposedly when Oswald took the shot that killed Kennedy and hit mayor Connally.
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The 3 Conspiracy's

There are a multitude of conspiracy's that were born shortly after the president was assassinated. Being one of those theory's being the obvious one, the one discussed mostly by the media, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and that he was the shooter that had killed JFK and shot mayor Connally. Another being that the president was shot by someone that Fidel Castro hired to shoot the president. This is due to the bay of pigs. What exactly is the bay of pigs? On April 17, 1961 Missiles were shot on the coast of Cuba by the U.S. and when Castro came into power first target on his radar was the president. The third conspiracy being that the CIA was involved in the in the assassination of the 35th president. which do you think is the accurate one ?


There is a sense of historical criticism form the JFK incident. Histroical criticism is when something traumatic or worth remebering affects the way that the future goes about its way. we see form this is that today you will not see a president riding around in an open limo and in public. Since JFk we have seen a groing number in security staff. and walking up to the president is completly out of the picture to day as well.
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My belief

In my opinion i think that it was the CIA. I think to many things were easily lost or easily answered. I feel like the fact that bullets were in perfect shape shows that something else happens inside the CIA. All i want to know is what he did to the CIA that would make them mad to the point of killing him. So that my opinion.
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