MQP Lake Wickaboag

Professional Writing

Logic Model Outline

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Outcomes for the 604b Grant

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Problem Statement

  • Needs to be direct
  • Needs to be relevant to the funding organization
  • Needs to be stated explicitly and clearly

"The W-7 watershed is contributing large amounts of sediment to the northern region of Lake Wickaboag"

-So what?

"Sediment is bad for natural habitats"

-So what?

"Recreational activities and natural habitats are being disturbed due to algae blooms."

Better, allows us to continue forward

"Remediation to these disturbances are economically and environmentally detrimental. Therefore, understanding what is causing these algae blooms will provide alternatives to costly dredging projects in the future. "

Tips and Tricks to an effective Grant Proposal

  1. Be Enthusiastic
  2. Have a list of projects ready
  3. Be a storyteller
  4. The project comes first
  5. Read the RFR
  6. Use the RFR to make your outline
  7. Maps should be in color & labeled
  8. Consult an editor
  9. No form letters
  10. Triple-check the requirements

Things I need answered

  • Have I expressed outcomes that accurately match the ideas of the Stormwater Authority ?
  • What are some Non-Profits or other partners that you would be willing to work with on this project?
  • What is the ultimate deliverable that I can create for all of you?

Project Presentation Day is April 21st

If any of you want to attend and watch us give our presentations