The Horrers of War

The Great War

Hard to find compassion in the higher ups.

The army cared little for the mental tragics'."the army authorities in general, who above all wanted to maintain discipline and return soldiers to the battlefield." As far as their concerned they were taking up disability pensions.
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American troops respond to gas attack during World War I HD Stock Footage

Gas attack on U.S. troops.

In this video here we see a man frantically put on his mask. And men moving down the trench away from the gas.
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The U.S. First Infantry Division

This prestigious unit is the longest serving unit in the whole military. Dating back from the World War I all the way to being stationed in bag-dad in 2014. They also fought in the battle of Cantigny from the pictures.
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Wilson asks Congress for War

This video tell the seminal decisions and wild support that pushed our great nation to blood and sacrifice for the greater good of the world.
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