Costa Rica

Vacation in Costa Rica

Land and Climate

Cost Rica is almost the same size as West Virginia.

About half of the land is covered with forests.

In the central highlands the average temp. is 81 degrees all year.

In the highlands the average temp. is 67 degrees all year.



Minerals were scarce so Costa Rica was ignored by the Spanish and remained isolated.

In 1821 Costa Rica joined Central American nations declaring independence from Spain.

Civil War erupted for 6 weeks in 1948 after a dispute over elections.

President Oscar Arias won a Nobel Peace Prize for trying to bring peace.

Pancho Carrasco is famous because she could read and write when women weren't supposed to go to school and she served in the military dressed up as a man because women weren't supposed to be in the military at that time.She also received a Medal of Honor in 1857 for saving a cannon that rebels had captured.


The executive branch has an elected president and two vice presidents.

The Legislative Assembly is comprised of 57 legislators.

Election day has people travel to their birth place to vote and have celebrations.


Many years Costa Rica was known primarily for coffee and bananas.

Costa Rica exports ornamental plants,cut flowers,and pineapples.

Costa Rica's other prodcts is sugarcane,oil palm fruit,rice,oranges,cassava,and plaintains.


Manufacturing became important in Costa Rica in the 20th century.

Costa Rica's main items are clothing,cloth,medical equipment,and electronics.

Tourism is an important source for income in Costa Rica.


The travel cost would be $2,100 from Los Angeles to San Jose,Costa Rica.

Lodging costs would be $1,740 for a big hotel.

Meals would cost about $430 for Peruvian restaurants.Which are pretty exspensive.

The activities that you can do are scuba diving,kayaking,adventuring on volcanoes,the zoo,museum,and surfing for a total of $460.

Shopping for crafts,clothes,coffee,and souvenirs would have the cost of $315.

You would have some money left over,too.


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