Whales.....turning into DOG FOOD?!


Amy Cho Block H SS

Title-Endangered whales are turned into.....luxury Japanese dog food?!

http://www.treehugger.com/endangered-species/endangered-whales-turned-japanese-dog-food.html (got this from http://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/ ) This article was published May 2013

Map: Where is this happening?

The exact location is unknown, but the whaling is done in Iceland and the dog food is made in Tokyo, Japan.

Different perspectives: Good or Bad?

Perspective 1: Using the whale meat is good because the company can make more money from people who want a larger variety of food for their pets

Perspective 2: Using the whale meat is bad because it can lead to the extinction of this already endangered animal.



Question: How many grams of dog food per pack are there in a pack of whale meat dog food?

Answer: 60 grams.


Question: Why is the Japanese dog food company choosing whale meat to be turned into dog food?

Answer: They believe it will make more money from rich folk who want to give luxury food to their pets.

Beyond the Text

Question:Do you think killing the whales is a bad thing?

Answer: Yes, because it may lead to whale extinction. Can make more money for the company.


Opinion:The company will stop using whale meat or any endangered animals’ meat if customers refuse to buy them.

Evidence: Quote by Takuma, “but it's not worth selling the product if it risks angering some people."

Explanation: If people don’t buy the products, then they will stop using the meat because using it would just waste money.