Life with the Black Death

Its the worst thing you could get!

What is It?

The Black Death was and still is a deadly disease caused by the bite by an infected flea that has jumped onto a rat and infected it. The rat then bites a human, the human now has the Plague inside of them. The plague lasted from 1347-1351 but still shows up in the European area.

How will I know i'm Infected?

Once the person is infected, they develop a very high fever. Then they start to vomit, usually blood, if a person vomits blood,from their lungs, they are most unlikely not to recover. Next, they begin to have muscular pain, causing them not to be able to move. They also have mental disorientation and their skin starts to turn a black, and purplish color.They also develop buboes under their arms. The buboes smell terrible and leak out black gross blood. By this time, the person realizes that they have the plague!

Has an Awful Outcome

The Black Death causes Massive Pain