The Caribbean

Barbados, Jamaica, and Cuba

Main agriculture products

Barbados: About 3/4ths of the land is arable, and most of it is planted with sugarcane.

Jamaica: Their main crop is sugar, but oranges, coconuts and bananas are also important.

Cuba: Potatos, cabbages, beans and pepper are among the more prevalant crops.

Native customs and/or beliefs

Barbados: Special occasions often call for pudding and souse, the first a spicy mashed sweet potato encased in pigs belly, and the second a boiled pig's head served with onions, peppers, cucumbers, and lime.

Jamaica: Rice is a universal ceremonial food. Several African-religious sects use goats for sacrifice, and in Kumina, an Afro-religious practice, goat blood is mixed with rum and drunk.

Cuba: Cubans are very fond of sweets, and a cake is a special treat normally reserved for birthdays, similar to the US. Ice cream is also a special treat; the national ice cream manufacturer "Copelia" is quite renowned for its very fine ice cream, and is believed to be the best in the world.

Foods eaten for holiday celebrations

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