Using phones while driving

Should phones be allowed while driving?

Using your phone for any reason while driving should be against the law everywhere. Not only is it life threatening to you but also to everyone else on the road. Reading a single text message takes roughly 5 seconds and traveling at 55mph you could cover the entire length of a football field. While doing that, there are so many things that could happen on the road, even if its your fault or not, that you miss in that short period of time. 1.6 million crashes occur each year due to cell phone use while driving. 330,000 injuries are caused due to texting while driving which doesn't even include other uses of the phone. This world-wide problem that causes accidents, injuries, and even death can be prevented. Simple ways to stop using the phone while driving is to put it in a spot where you won't even think to look or get it. Also, turn off notifications or sound on your phone to not distract you when driving and have no need to use your phone. Lastly, have someone with you in the car that can text or call someone for you and also do it back for a friend of yours to keep them and everyone safe.

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