Land Use and Management Phase 2

Germany's Environmental Impact

Watershed and Environmental Impact

When it comes to farming, farmers use pesticides and fertilizers. The usage of these chemicals negatively affect the watershed quality as it changes the freshwater to an unusable impure water. Agriculture causes harmful levels of pathogens, they cause green house gases which are made up of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Although agriculture causes 10% of the green house gases in the atmosphere, it still effects the environment negatively. Cows, agricultural soils, and rice production are a part of green house gas production.

Sustainable Use Practices

Building a box device around their crops will keep their soil intact. Therefore keeping the nutrients, that are running off into streams and other bodies of water, in one place. The people of Germany can slow the process of their depleting nutrients in the soil by not adding as much nitrates to their crops. Another solution to the problem is composting, as the stuff breaks down it will add more nutrients to the soil. Rotating the crops might help, the nutrients from the previous plants add diversity into the soil.