Monday News and Notes

January 26, 2015

Welcome Back!

Congratulations are in order for Jessica Dolan and her family as she is expecting a baby in July. In addition, Mary Baker is recently engaged! We are so happy for both of you!

Condolences go out to Linda Casatelli and her family. Her father, who provided us with great holiday gifts during the Grandparent Breakfast, has passed away. Linda's home address is 46 Green Acres Lane, Hagaman NY 12086

Social Studies

The new social studies field guide and framework has been developed and is available on Engage NY. I have attached the link which outlines grade level expectations. "The Field Guide builds on the Framework by providing guidance on how to use the Framework to promote conceptual understandings (including the development of questions to drive inquiry) and how to integrate Social Studies content, practices, and the CCLS in curriculum, assessment, and instruction. In short, the Framework articulates what students should learn in Social Studies, while the Field Guide provides guidance on how to integrate social studies content, practices, and CCLS in the context of rigorous, inquiry-driven instruction." I have requested summer curriculum work so we can review this document and plan accordingly. Please sign up in the office if you are willing to be on the committee.


As many of you know the draft schedule was sent out to everyone on the day the scheduling committee met. The committee did a fabulous job and worked together to create a daily and master schedule which took into account everyone's concerns. The committee also produced the calendar for next year. The draft schedule that everyone received IS NOT the final schedule. After the committee meets again this spring, the final schedule will be disseminated. Some highlights are:

1. Six day rotation

2. Hour Blocks

3. Library integrated into art and music K-2

4. Elimination of Structured Wellness

5. Spanish in 6th grade

6. Family and Consumer Science in 6th grade

7. Lunch/recess blocked as a full hour

8. PLTW built into the master schedule

The next scheduling committee meeting was scheduled for this spring BUT WILL NEED TO BE CHANGED. A NEW DATE HAS NOT BEEN DETERMINED. We need to have annual reviews completed before service providers can create their schedule. This schedule needs to be completed prior to the final scheduling committee meeting.

This week at a glance


  • 4th grade visits Caroline Street to observe CKLA modules
  • Galway Scholars 2:30-4:30


  • SNOW??????



  • I will be at a reading conference all day at BOCES


  • Elementary Principal Meeting from 1-4
  • End of the 2nd Marking Period-Report Cards need to be submitted by Wednesday (2/4)


Great News! The supplies which were ruined in the flood and submitted to me for replacement are arriving. I will sort them and deliver them to the classrooms as soon as possible. Some items are not exact matches but they are as close as possible.

Science Standards

The new Science standards will be released this Spring. Once they are released we will do a crosswalk to identify how many standards will be covered during PLTW. A mapping chart will be provided to each grade which highlights what is covered in PLTW and what remains to be covered (during class time) and when it should be covered throughout the year. It will be important to remember that many science and social studies standards can and should be woven into ELA. If you are interested in being on the science committee that reviews these standards and works on the crosswalk and mapping chart please sign up in the office.

Science Fair

A big thank you to Eric Fana and Nadine DePres for organizing the science fair. Special thanks to Edie Frisbie, Shannon Shine (and his son), and Sue Peters for their help judging the science fair. The winners for the fair include:

Grade 3-5

1st-Gavin O'Neill and Eric Zelezniak

2nd-Sadie Underwood and Katelyn Hansen

3rd-Molly Orvasky, Emma Jordan, Joannis Galarneau

Honorable Mention -Emma Mariani, Syndney Mariani

Grade 6-8

1st-Ella Underwood, Emma Carusone, Heather Atkinson

2nd-Emily Johnston, Katy Kurtzner

3rd-Siela Zembsch, Natalie Zembsch and Madison Des Pres

Brendon Loya

Brandon remains hospitalized and a treatment plan is being determined. We will be providing the family with Visa gift cards. If you would like to donate please give your money to Barb by 1/30/15.

Faculty Meeting Snacks

As many of you already know Amy and the cafeteria staff does an outstanding job of preparing breakfast, lunch and snacks. After the scheduling committee meeting it was suggested that we ask Amy to provide snacks for our faculty meetings. The grade levels responsible would collect money and give it to Amy to cover costs. I have asked Amy to prepare a quote for what it would cost and will email everyone when I have it. The next meeting is in February (grade 5 and Tina). If the grade levels remaining who have not provided snacks yet would like to utilize Amy's services please email me and let me know. I will forward you the cost. Next year, if the staff or certain grades levels wish to do this we can collect the money all at once at the beginning of the year