The Middle West

Great Lake States


The Great Lakes States are located in the Northern regions of the United States. They surround the 5 great lakes; Superior, Huron, Michagin, Erie, and Ontario.


Physical characteristics are that the states are near several large bodies of water, and most of the land is abundant in trees.

Agriculture, shipping, fisheries, and tourism and recreation are the main human characteristics of these states.

Human Environment Interaction

Humans use the water sources for transportation, and in turn, effect the water by pollution and other harmful ways.


The Greaat Lakes, connected by a waterway, are primarily used for transportation of large goods, and sometimes carry passengers on small cruises around The Great Lake States.


The Great Lakes region is similar to a lot of the Northeast region, which share their abundance in trees and water sources. They also have moderately similar seasons, with a warm summer, and a chilly winter.


The Great Lakes is highly dependent within itself, with the majority of trade happening between lakes to bordering states. When pollution or another problem occurs at one side, it is surely bound to reach the others.