By R.J Palacio

The book's format

The book divided into 8 parts,In every part some of the character gives us different perspective.We've 6 characters that take part and tell thier own part in the story , They tell us how did August got in thier lifes and thier opinions about situations that the main characters deal with or connected to one of them.

They talk a lot about August that he's the main character in the all story.Every character tells her part like it's a diary...

So in the end we have a full picture.

In the story there are characters that are in the situations, And sharing thier opinions in the situations and not having a direct appeal to us, the readers.

In every title to every part there's sentence that describes the character and connected to her.

The book's plot

The story is about a kid that called August and he is ten years old and doesn't have "a normal face".

He was born this way, And since he was a baby he went through lots of surgeries that helped him look better than he was.He also ,Gets sick Often and because of that reason and many other reasons he didn't go to school and he was homeschooled by his mother.

He defined him-self as a normal kid ,and the company around him doesn't see him that way.

He got used to get stared by people and see thier looks on thier face when they see him.

He went through a lot when he was a little and now he will go to another "trip".

His parents want to send him to a regular school after this summer.

After all his neighborhood got used to his face and he finally started to feel comfortable,He is needed to go to a new surrounding, and a new big company?...

And he went to a middel school while his sister Olivia went to high school and for both of them it is a first year.

In the way , August started understanding who is a friend,how people see him,how to get through hard times that he had...

He ,olivia and his mom and his dad went through a tough year:

The children started a new year and had to find new friends and get alone,the parents that always overprotected August learned to let go on thier way,thier dog died(daisy).

He also got protected by new kids in the end of the year,That made him feel very happy and proud of the children that protected him.

There are also many good things in the end of the year..

At the ceremonies of middel school there's a little surprise..

I recommended reading "wonder"!

Opinion on the book

I think that this book is great!

I like that every part is different and that is my first time that book gave me the option to see the full picture.

I liked that every character has a story how did they met August.

I like that August him -self sees him completely normal.

I like that every character has a story behind and we find the story while the plot Continues..

I like that there are special Messages from all the prspectives.

That's a great book with a lot to think after...

Wonder by R. J. Palacio