Motley County By: Grayson Williams

EST. 1876


I would like to thank you very much. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to send me things about Motley County. I appreciate it very much. These will help me very much during my 12-week long project.

Independence and Verve

Life was hard for pioneer women in the Texas Plains Trail Region. Men were often absent for weeks or months, so women kept the homestead running. They cleared land, felled trees for cabins, and harvested crops. If they didn't already have survival skills, they learned them. Through strong and independent, they were plagued by loneliness and isolation, often quilting or writing in journals in place of conversation. Their desire for socialization and normalcy spearheaded community gatherings for church services and school, held wherever there was room. Some women even breached the male-dominated business world in real estate development and philanthrophy. Today, these pioneer women are credited with softening and settling this once- remote region.