Vista Views

September 19, 2018

Principal's Message

Project Cornerstone is an outstanding program that brings parent volunteers into the classroom to help support the growth of positive assets in our children. Each month a volunteer reads a book with the class and leads a discussion around a targeted theme. During the month of September, our Cornerstone volunteers have been reading Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. The classroom discussion touched on a number of topics, including expressing kindness and appreciation to others. Since learning doesn't stop at the classroom door, I'd like to encourage you to extend the conversation at home.

If you are looking for some related books to share with your children, you might want to consider the following titles:

  • Bucket Filling is as Easy as A to Z, The Key to Being Happy by Carol McCloud
  • Will You Fill My Bucket? by Carol McCloud and Karen Wells
  • How Full is Your Bucket? for Kids by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer
  • The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale by Claude Steiner
  • An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton
  • Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr. Seuss
  • Thanks a Million by Nikki Grimes

I would also recommend watching Kindness Through Their Eyes (by the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education) as a family and then talking about what it means to be kind. How do you feel when you're kind to others? How do you feel when someone is kind to you? I've included a link to the video below. After watching it, YouTube is KIND enough to suggest other videos on the same topic.

I hope these ideas inspire you to enjoy some family time and table talk about kindness.

All the best,

Cathy Bailey



Since the start of school, there have been a number of close calls, including near misses when students have been crossing the street in the middle of the block. PLEASE do not encourage your student to cross Blossom Valley Drive, except at the corner.

Here are a few other reminders to keep everyone safe:

  • The white curb on Blossom Valley is for loading/unloading only. The driver must stay with the vehicle at all times.
  • Double parking or blocking traffic to pick up or drop off a child is NOT allowed.
  • Please do not block neighbors' driveways when picking up or dropping off your child.
  • The kindergarten parking lot is closed to all cars during drop-off and pick-up times, except those with a valid handicap placard.
  • When dropping off or picking up in the main parking lot, please pull all the way forward to allow traffic to continue moving. Again, the driver must remain with the car at all times.

The Los Gatos Police Department was out for a traffic check a few weeks ago and issued a number of tickets to drivers for violations. They have informed us that they will be returning in the next few weeks and will have an increased presence throughout the year. To avoid a citation and keep everyone safe, please follow the reminders above and those found in the school handbook. Thank you.


Alta Vista STEAM Night is on Tuesday, October 2nd. To make it a successful event for everyone, we need adult volunteers to help supervise the activity stations. You can sign up for as little as thirty minutes, or even for the whole evening. This is also the perfect opportunity for high school siblings to earn required volunteer hours. If you would like to help at STEAM Night, please click on the appropriate link below and you will be contacted by Alta Vista's STEAM ToSA, Mrs. Lynch. Thank you! - Adults - High School Students

Spirit Days

Spirit Days are a fun way to bring the entire student body (and adults) together around a celebration or theme. Here are a few to mark on your calendar:

This Friday > Pajama Day

October 8-12 > Spirit Week

(Spirit Week daily themes will be in the next Vista Views)


Coming Events


Alta Vista's School Site Council's first meeting of the year will be held in the Staff Room at 3:00 on October 1st. It is open to all community members. Feel free to join us.

10/2 - Alta Vista STEAM Night

Big picture


The Walk-a-Thon is a fun family event and Alta Vista Home & School Club’s biggest fundraiser of the year! The profits from donations and pledges go DIRECTLY back to the students through enrichment programs, fun family events, and classroom support.

The fun begins at 9:00, so be sure to bring the whole family and enjoy this wonderful community event.

10/31 - HALLOWEEN PARADE @ 10:00 AM

We are changing the time of this year's Halloween Parade to 10:00. This will allow the WHOLE SCHOOL (including kindergarten) to participate. Classroom parties will be held before the parade so that all holiday celebrations are finished prior to recess. As we get closer to Halloween, teachers and room parents will communicate classroom plans via email or newsletter.