FunTown Playground

Ethan Conroy and Jayden Wright

Define the Problem

Create a one structure playground that includes six play elements.

Criteria: Children under the age of 12


Children enjoy slides, "monkey bars", and swings.

Play-sets include slides, rock climbing walls, and swings.

At the age of 8, we enjoyed swings and rock climbing walls.

Below are some pictures

Create a prototype

Deveolpe possible solutions

Test and Evaluate

Everything works on our design except probably the rope at the top, which is supposed to help people walk across. Instead, it is too tall for people to walk across.

Our design is very safe except for the fact that the monkey bars are very close to the swings, which could be dangerous for children on the swings and monkey bars.


We would focus on all the good for our design and state the minor flaws in our design.

Positive: Fun, Safe, Plausible, Cheap.

Negative: Dangerous swings, small rock climbing wall.


We lowered the level of the rope above swings to where kids will be able to reach, we also moved the swings to the front so it will be safer monkey bars and swings.