Maasai Warrior

Being a warrior is exciting and fun, it has many privileges

Located in the countries of Kenya and Tanzania, Their lifestyle reflects the harsh environment in which they live, with unpredictable rainfall and difficult agricultural conditions.

The Maasai People have a reputation of being fierce warriors. Warriorhood prepares the young males to be responsible people both for themselves and for their community. Known for their bravery and courage, they protect the homestead, maintain water sources for the community, and protect the livestock from wild animals and theft

Conditions of Maasai women

Maasai women are in charge of taking care of the entire home which includes milking cows, fetching water and firewood, preparing food for the entire family, repairing their homes, milking the cows and tending their small children.


they have strict rules to follow: they can’t eat meat at home, instead they have to go out in the bush and slaughter an animal with other warriors- this is to prevent them eating the meat for the rest of the family; they cannot eat or drink alone, only with at least one other warrior


Maasai homes are traditionally built by the women, constructed of branches woven together with grass and smeared with cow dung on the walls. The homes are built in a large circle that serves to protect an inner kraal, where the cattle and goats lay for the night.


Their dress is wonderfully colorful. Women commonly adorn themselves with great circular platelike beaded collars and headbands of many colors. Arms and ankles may be wound tightly with thick strands of copper coils. Both men and women often elongate their ear lobes by fashioning them with heavy earrings and beaded ornaments.