Paulo Panther Weekly

Weekly events and announcements: 9/13/2021

This Week's Schedule

  • First day for students 9/13/21
  • September 16- Yom Kippur School closed

Visitor Control policy Update by NYCDOE

As per The NYCDOE Office of Safety and Youth Development Executive Director, Mark Rampersant, there has been an update to the NYCDOE Visitor Control Policy to reflect new requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to protect students and staff in DOE buildings, pending an order by the Health Commissioner, all visitors wishing to enter DOE buildings must show proof of having at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. Acceptable proof of vaccination include:

  • A CDC Vaccination Card: a photo or photocopy is also acceptable
  • A NYC Vaccination record or other official immunization record from within or outside the US, including from a health care provider. A photo or photocopy of this is also acceptable.
  • NYC Covid Safe App on Android or iOS.
  • Excelsior Pass or Excelsior Pass Plus.
  • DOE COVID-19 Vaccine Portal

In addition, all visitors are required to wear a face covering and complete the health care screening. If a visitor wishes to enter a DOE building but is unable or unwilling to show proof of vaccination upon sign-in, the visitor may not enter the building absent emergency circumstances.

If a student is experiencing a medical emergency or is in crisis, the student's guardian will be allowed to enter the building, regardless of vaccine status.

1) A family welcome letter from Chancellor Porter will also be available on the Messages for Families page on Monday (including translations),

2) The Family Update on health & safety will also be available on the Messages for Families page.

Pop-up Vaccination Site at IS 75

Get the free Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for ages 12 and up. In partnership with the NYC Test & Trace Corps and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, our school site is offering Pfizer-BioNTech vaccinations to eligible New Yorkers during the first week of school (with second doses provided at the beginning of October) to make it as easy as possible to stay safe. No appointment is needed, and the hours are Sept 13, 14, 15, and 17 from 7AM to 11 AM. A copy of the family letter and consent form from the Department of Education has been emailed with this newsletter.

After School Recreation - Fall 2021

This Fall, we are offering both in-person and remote after school recreation. Join for enrichment, socialization, and fun! For more information or to register, visit the school website at Click School Store/Online payments, and then After School recreation - Fall 2021.

Face Coverings

Mandatory use of face coverings must be enforced for all individuals (unless they have a medical exemption) while on school property, on school buses, and on any school-sponsored transportation, regardless of the individual’s COVID-19 vaccine status. A face covering(Open external link) is any well-secured cloth or disposable mask that covers a person’s nose and mouth. A face covering with an exhalation valve or vent cannot be used on school property as exhalation valves allow unfiltered exhaled air to escape to others. Face shields are not appropriate substitutes for face coverings. Please see the Face Covering guidance for more information.

Daily Health Screenings

To ensure that staff and students do not report to school if they have or potentially may have COVID-19 or are feeling ill, a health screening must be completed, ideally at home, by all students, staff, and visitors before entering NYCDOE school facilities.

Students and school-based staff can or cannot report to school based on their results of the questions in the NYCDOE’s daily health screener(Open external link):

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing

Regular COVID-19 testing provides school communities and public health experts with valuable information. Every school, starting in grade 1, will have 10% of their consented, unvaccinated student population selected twice a month for ongoing random surveillance testing. Families can give consent for testing through their student’s New York City Schools Account (NYCSA)(Open external link).

Official Class (Advisory)

To find your child's official class (Advisory), you must refer to the document, "Advisory Classes and Registration Codes" which can be found on the IS75 Website under "News and Announcements". In this document, you will find five columns. The first will be the last four digits of your child's OSIS number. The second column shows the first two letters of your child's last name, and the third column shows the student's advisory followed by the PupilPath parent code and student registration code. If you have any concerns, please reach out to our parent coordinator, Linda Taccetta, at

Standard Bell Schedule

8:00 School Day Begins

8:07 - 8:20 Advisory Period

8:24 - 9:04 Period 1

9:08 - 9:48 Period 2

9:52 - 10:32 Period 3

10:36 - 11:17 Period 4

11:21 - 12:02 Period 5

12:06 - 12:47 Period 6

12:51 - 1:31 Period 7

1:36 - 2:16 Period 8

2:17 Dismissal – 1st & 4th Floor

2:18 Dismissal – 3rd Floor

2:19 Dismissal – 2nd Floor

Pupil Path

It is important that you and your child have separate Pupil Path accounts to ensure that parents and students receive the proper access and notifications. You can find student and parent registration codes in the document, "Advisory Classes and Registration Codes" which can be found on the IS75 Website under "News and Announcements".

Bus Info

The bus schedule for this year can be found on the IS75 Website under the "Parents" tab. The bus schedule is subject to change at any time from the Office of Pupil Transportation. If your child is eligible for the bus, you will be able to see his/her bus stop on the NYC Schools Account with the most up to date times. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the morning pickup time. Your child will receive a bus pass on the first day of school.

The link below will take you to the NYC Department of Education and Office of Pupil Transportation for 2021-2022.

As more information becomes available, we will share through the IS75 Website , PupilPath, and our social media platforms.

NYC Schools Accounts

Beginning September 3, families will be able to access the new NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) portal, which consolidates several important parent-facing applications in one place. In addition to seeing information for MyStudent, such as grades, attendance, and transportation, families will also be able to access Parent University and the Bullying Reporting online form. Parents can also reset the passwords to their student’s DOE email accounts through the Manage Account page; please note the change in URL from to Families who currently have a NYCSA account will automatically have access to new features in the portal.

If you have not already set up an account, a letter will go home with your child on Tuesday 9/14 with your student's individual code. Contact our Parent Coordinator, Mrs. Taccetta via email with questions.

Purchase Your School Lock

Students should bring $5.00 to purchase locks for their classroom lockers on the first day they attend physical education. Locks will not be sold on the first day of school.


Please be sure to create an Operoo account. If you have not received an email from Operoo to create an account, please check the spam folder in your email.

Important Change to Physical Education

Students will no longer change their clothes in the locker room for physical education classes. Instead, they will report directly to the gymnasium for the periods when they are scheduled for physical education. Accordingly, we require that all students wear attire appropriate for physical activity on days when their class is scheduled for physical education. On such days, students must wear to school the following: sneakers, athletic shorts or sweatpants, and a top that is conducive to physical activity. All students will be expected to dress properly for physical education. A lack of preparedness in this regard will negatively impact a student's grade.

Morning Drop-Off Procedures

We enlist your cooperation with our morning drop-off procedures. As Woodrow Road and Huguenot Avenue are very busy and congested areas during the morning, it is imperative that we all cooperate in order to keep our children safe. Therefore, if you drive your child to school in the morning, we implore you to strictly adhere to the following:

  1. The morning drop-off procedure for students is as follows: All students who are driven to school must enter the school yard from the Boulder Avenue entrance in the back of the school building. Students will not be permitted to enter the school yard at the Woodrow Road or Huguenot Avenue entrance. The Huguenot Avenue “driveway” entrance is reserved for students arriving via school bus.
  2. Pull all the way over to the curb before allowing your child(ren) to disembark in the morning. Please do not “double park” when dropping off or picking up children.
  3. Make sure that your child(ren) have their belongings ready in order to exit the car as quickly as possible each morning. This will help to keep the line moving.
  4. If there is a line of cars waiting to drop off students, please do not “cut” the line by driving around them. Your cooperation will decrease congestion and make pulling away from the curb safer and easier for those who are following protocol.
  5. After your child has disembarked, please wait for the car in front of you to pull out of line before proceeding.
  6. Please do not make U-turns on Woodrow Road or Huguenot Avenue. People making U-turns are putting their children, themselves and others in danger. Further, U-turns are prohibited in NYS school zones. According to NYS Vehicles & Traffic Law 1161B, no motor vehicle shall make a U turn within a school zone.
  7. If you are dropping off your child on the opposite side of Woodrow Road or Huguenot Avenue, please insist that your child crosses at the corner with the assistance of a school crossing guard. Please do not “cross” your child at any area other than the corner with the assistance of a school crossing guard. Doing so puts your child’s safety at risk.
  8. Our doors are open at 7:30 AM and the drop off area becomes most congested between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM. If at all possible, plan to leave home early enough to arrive before 7:45 AM. Remember, school starts at 8:00 AM and students are penalized for excessive lateness.
  9. Please take kindly to the suggestions of school personnel in the morning. They are made with the safety of our children in mind.
  10. Please do not block driveways of our neighbors when visiting the school. Your cooperation in respecting our neighbors is greatly appreciated.

By adhering to the above procedures, you are helping to ensure the safety of all of our children. Your cooperation is not only greatly appreciated, but is necessary.

PTA Corner

On behalf of the IS 75 PTA, it is our great pleasure to welcome new families to our wonderful community! We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome back our wonderful returning families as well! It is our hope that we will be able to have a productive year filled with fantastic events and community building activities that support our educators and students so they can continue to attain the excellence in education offered here at Paulo! The best way to make this a great year for our school community is to stay connected by joining the PTA! We plan to send out a Willingness to Serve Form requesting volunteers and we are also planning an election for open Officer positions. Please be on the lookout for forthcoming information regarding our first PTA Meeting!

Paulo Athletics

All sports on hold at this time.

Paulo Student-Family Handbook

Dates to Remember

September 16 Yom Kippur School Closed