Points of Pride

October 18, 2019

Instructional Focus:

In quarter two, we will be taking a deeper look into what domain three looks like in the certified teaching rubric.

3A: Communicating with Students

When communicating with students it is essential that clear expectations are established. In addition academic language is used that challenges and models academic discourse is modeled for the students. Passion for the subject matter should be evident, as well as, providing relevancy to student interests. Scaffolding is provided to make learning accessible to all students.

Food for thought:

  • Are you modeling academic vocabulary for kids that is age appropriate?
  • Are your expectations for learning laid out clearly throughout the lesson?
  • Are your directions for activities clear?
  • Do your explanations of content challenge all students to think and interact?
  • A teacher's use of language is often a student's best model of rich vocabulary and proper grammar, is that what you are purposefully modeling?
  • Are students able to clarify directions for each other?
  • Are you providing enough think time so that every student can formulate an answer?

For more information, you can read this section in it's entirety using the link provided. This section can be found on pages 61-63.

Upcoming Events:

  • 10/21-10/25: B Week
  • 10/21: Intermediate MTSS Meetings (for times, please see email from Fall Break); Muttigree's @ 3:00; New to SPE Meeting @ 3:10
  • 10/22: Fourth Grade Student Meeting @ 2:05
  • 10/23: Red Ribbon Week begins-Crazy Hair Day; 1:55 Release-Campus PD; 5th Grade Student Meeting @ 8:50; Kindergarten Student Meeting @ 10:25; 1st Grade Student Meeting @ 11:00; Talent Show Practice @ 2:15
  • 10/24: Red Ribbon Week-Twin Day; 3rd Grade Dictionaries Presentation @ 11:30
  • 10/25: Red Ribbon Week-Freaky Friday (teachers dress as kids, kids dress like teachers); Primary MTSS Meetings Take 2; 6th Grade Student Meeting @ 9:45; 2nd Grade Student Meeting @ 11:05; 3rd Grade Student Meeting @ 1:40; School Carnival @ 5:00
  • 10/28-11/1: A Week
  • 10/28: Red Ribbon Week-Pajama Day
  • 10/29: Red Ribbon Week-Favorite Character Day (TV, Movie, Book)
  • 10/30: Red Ribbon Week-Sports Day; School Letter Grade Meeting @7:15; 1:55 Release-PLC; Paraprofessional Meeting @ 2:00
  • 10/31: Halloween
  • 11/1: Battle of the Books @ 9:05

Halloween Parties....

With Halloween upon us, I wanted to remind everyone of our procedures:

  • District policy states that all food needs to be store bought and individually wrapped
  • If you choose to have a party, ensure that it is as close to the end of the day as possible. As you plan, keep in mind our specials teachers. It's not fair to them to show up to specials after a crazy party. When I taught PE, I remember a time when everyone showed up to my class with a root beer float, didn't know what the teacher wanted me to do with that.
  • If you allow costumes, they need to be school appropriate and adhere to our dress code. There should be no masks, blood, weapons, etc.
  • With snacks, try your best to limit the amount of sugary junk. Nothing ruins trick or treating than a bellyache from a school party.
  • Try to stick with your daily routine as much as possible. I am a realist, but there can be Halloween related math during math time, and engaging reading to be done in reading, etc.

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