Fat Free Epidemic

Anorexia Nervosa

Where is it found?

95% of all anorexia nervosa cases are found in woman or young woman, mainly young women.

How is Anorexia Nervosa noticed?

There are a few ways to notice Anorexia Nervosa.

  • Inadequate food consumption leads to a dramatic weight loss.
  • The victim's self esteem is centered around his/her body. The patient has inability to understand severity of the situation.
  • Victims complain about being obese when they really aren't. They also avoid family meals.
  • Attitudes indicating weight loss, and dieting food controls are concerned.
  • The patient withdraws from friends and family.

To Get Help

NEDA- National Eating Disorders Association.

Snooki from Jersey Shore Had Anorexia When She Was A Teen

That's right, Snooki, a "character" in the Jersey Shore Reality T.V. show, had once battled with Anorexia Nervosa. She started out only eating a salad one day, then she started to eat just a cracker a day, then she just went to eating a grape per a day. Snooki then just stopped eating all together, and started to become sick. She recalls her High School life as a "Dark Period" of her life, and does not favor to recall.