A Week of Hope

By: Caitlyn Saliba

Behind the Week of Hope

On Monday December 15, 2014, Sayreville War Memorial High School students, started a new thing for their town called "The Week of Hope". They have the whole week planned out. Monday was the day of Hope, Tuesday was the day of forgiveness, Wednesday was the day of kindness, Thursday was the day of gratitude, and Friday was the day of Unity. It all started out with an assembley on Monday morning. They brought each class into the audotorium and told them their personal stories. A young lady sang a song called 'Skyscraper' by Demi Lovato. They're hopping everyone will stop picking on eachother and everyone will become friends.

Should every school have a week of hope?

Here's the reason why:

Every school should have a week of hope because alot of students get bullied. Atleast one person commits suicicde a day. How would you feel if you where getting bullied and had the thought of committing suicide? Most people say the bullies have been bullied, has a rough life, or had a rough past. Make a diffrence by stopping all the hating and bullying in your school.

Sayreville War Memorial High school