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The sun and how it effects our skin.

We all love the sun, the warmth it provides us with, the light that shines upon us and the natural source of vitamin D that we soak up from it. Too much of the sun can be harmful to our skin. Here's why ...

The immediate response from too much sun exposure is sunburn. Sunburn damages our blood vessels, ages the skin and weakens it too!

Too much sun exposure is also the main cause for skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world. Skin cancer is a life threatening cancer and can easily be avoided by taking precautions when playing in the sun.

Skin Cancers

Skin cancer is a disease of the bodies skin cells. Too much sun exposure is the main cause for skin cancer. There are 3 main types of skin cancers that I would like to point out. Read below to find out more!! :D

How to protect your skin from the sun.

Protecting your skin is extremely important. Here are my tips on how to have fun in the sun, and do it safely!

1. Always use sunscreen to protect your vulnerable skin. 30+ recommended :)

2. Don't forget to stay out of the heat at peak hours. When the sun is at prime heat, that is when your skin is in the most danger.

3. Always wear a hat. Especially if your fair skinned. A wide brimmed hat is the best shade for your face. :)

4. reapply sunscreen frequently when out and about. Even waterproof sunscreens DO ware off throughout the day,

5. Stay hydrated in the sun. Hydration is important when looking after our body.

6. Wear sunnies. Not only do they look fantastic. They shade your face and protect your eyes from the blare of the sun.

Words and definitions

  • UV rays - This stands for Ultraviolet radiation. UV rays is the best source of Vitamin D. How ever, too much exposure can lead to harsh consequences such as skin cancer,=. UV cannot be seen or felt. It is not like the suns light, which we see, or the suns warmth that we feel. Our senses cannot detect UV, therefore it can be damaging us without our knowledge.

* SPF - SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. It virtually is a rating that determines how strong your sunscreen is. In thi9s day and age our researched has furthered, as we are now able to reach 50+ SPF ratings for our sunscreen. Preventing us from burns and skin cancers.

Sun smart campaigns

Sunsmart campaigns are here to bring Awareness to the civilians of the world.

There are various sun smart campaigns that spread their message. Whether it be creatively, informatively or practically. Who know's? Maybe one day, you can creat your very own su smart campaign! Click on the links below and check our some awesome campaigns that are out there. They may just inspire you :)

Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide - SunSmart Sid the Seagull Video

Imogen - melanoma personal story

I was diagnosed with Melanoma in June 2013. The Melanoma started as a mole on my back that doctors initially brushed off, two dermatologists checked and said they were ok and then eventually a GP shaved it off (incompletely) at my insistence because the Mole had grown so large it was catching on clothing. My Melanoma was ulcerated, had a Breslow depth of 4.7mm and a Mitotic rate of 10 per 1sq/mm. My staging is Stage 2c at the moment.
I have had WLE from my Primary Melanoma, removal of a second Melanoma on my leg and subsequently further WLE of my back followed by SLNB in order to enable my access to a Clinical Trial.

I grew up in East Africa and Cyprus at a time when awareness of the sun and its potential to damage was not great. That said, I have no recollection of burning as a child and we returned to England before I was 12 years old. As a teenager I would relish the sunny summer days & the happy feeling from sunshine warming my skin. I have fair skin with freckles, other than two occasions I am not a sunbed user, I can remember a few times when I have burnt, but more often than not it has been a case of factor 30 until a tan develops & then factor 15 afterwards - needless to say I now use higher factors and avoid midday sun completely.

I have found my diagnosis quite a shock and have been quite frustrated with the Medical care differences and issues I have come across. I created a blog, initially to avoid spending my nights repeating the same information over and over to various members of my extended family & friends, but since starting the blog I hope that it can inform others like me a bit more about Melanoma & the rollercoaster of emotion and stress you suddenly become trapped on.
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Imogen ^

Have fun in the sun!

Have fun in the sun safely!! Always follow my tips and avoid a horrible skin cancer. Better safe then sorry!! Thanks for reading :)