German Immigrants

Their Long Journey

German Facts

The German people often spoke German. Germans traditionally wore a lederhosen for a boy and a dirndl for a girl. If you look at the girl she is wearing a traditional dirndl it looks sort of like a dress. Looking at the boy you see his lederhosen looks like overalls. The population in Germany is 81.73 million people. Today in the United States there are 58 million German people. Germans usually ate currywurst. A currywurst is a sausage cut into thick slices seasoned with curry powder. They also ate hesenpfeffer. Hesenpheffer is a stew made from marinated rabbit. Germans often listened to classical music. Some German traditions are decorating the Christmas tree and hiding Easter eggs.


Immigrant Facts

The main reason these immigrants left was because in the 17th centry the European people forced Germans to follow a offical state religeon. The majority of Germans came in the 1700s. These immigrants came to the U.S.A. by steam boat and steam train. Lots of the Germans settled in New York and Pennsylvania.

Interesting Facts

~ German prince Albert II was the youngest billionare.

~ Germans brought gymnastics.

~ Germany was the 1st country to have daylight savings time.

~ In 2006 Germany had the highest tax rate in Europe.

~ They were the 1st europeans to come to the U.S.A.

~ 10 million illegal immigrants live in the U.S.A.

~ Religeon was Christianity.

~ Lots of Germans didn't imigrate for political reasons.

~ Germans still piled into the U.S.A. after the 1800s.

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Hard Times In America

The hard times Germans faced were they spoke different languages, they had to find shelter, and they had to get a job. Lots of jobs were farming and factories.

Famous German Immigrants

Some famous German Immigrants are: Anne Frank, Steve Jobs, and Dr Seuss. All of these people are immigrants from another country. Steve Jobs is picture 1. Dr Seuss is picture 2. Anne Frank is picture 3.


They came in the 1800's. Germany won World War 1 in November 1918. Gradually they were moving closer to the slave territory. After the 1800s lots more immigrants came to the United States. Most immigrants went through Ellis Island to get here. Some immigrants might have came through Angel Island. Ellis Island is was located in New York.


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That Was My Smore On German Immigrants