John Jay

he's pretty cool

John Jay signed the Treaty of Paris.

John Jay's Backround

John Jay was born on December 12, 1745 in New york city. His parents were Mary Van Cortlandt and Peter Jay. He was born into a wealthy family.He had 9 other siblings in the Jay family. John Jay was the first chief justice of the United States. He als was the second governor of New York. He also was the United States secretary of foreign affairs. John Jay was the united States Minister of Spain. He was the 6th president of the Continental Congress. He was the delegate of the 2nd Continental Congress from New York. John Jay's religion was Episcopalianism. He also went to Columbia University in Manhattan. He was a founding father.

John Jay wife and kids

Older life

John Jay married Sarah Livingston in 1774. They had 2 kids together. Their names were Peter A. Jay and Peter Jay. He was a founding father. He died on May 17, 1859 in Bedford, New york.