Tech PLC #3 - Multisensory/Active

December 9, 2015

The next two learning strategies we will explore are Multisensory and Active Learning. We will also be exploring the "flipped" style of learning by conducting this Technology PLC as a "flipped" class.

In a flipped class style, the students receive and learn the information before they come to class. Class time is then used to apply what the students learned.

For our flipped PLC, complete each of the tasks in the Roman numeral labeled sections below (a total of five sections). Make sure to have finished all of them by the time you come to the "face to face" meeting on Wednesday December 9th.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I. Read the Information Below

What is Multisensory or Active Learning?

Multisensory learning is learning that involves two or more of the senses within the same activity. We take in information about our world in a variety of ways:

  • Auditory (through our ears)
  • Visual (through our eyes)
  • Tactile (through touch)
  • Kinesthetic (through body movements)

Click the link below to read a spotlight on multisensory learning by the Landmark School Outreach Program.

Use Multisensory Approaches

What are some techniques to use with Multisensory/Active learning?

  • Manipulatives
  • Songs/chants/rap
  • Color coding
  • Movement
  • FUN!

II. View the Two Example Videos Below

The Bone Dance - Sing Along (Full Version)

III. Read and Consider the Info Below

What are some apps that can be used with these learning strategies?

  • QR Codes - get up and move - explore
  • Charades - act out words, ideas, etc.
  • Others?

IV. Download and Explore the Following Apps

Play with these apps and be familiar with them by the time we meet on December 9th.

V. Brainstorm Lesson Ideas

After learning about the Multisensory/Active strategies and the QR Reader and Charades apps, brainstorm ways you can incorporate these elements into a lesson for your class. Come to the Technology PLC on December 9th ready to work on this lesson idea.
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