Larissa Ramirez 4th period

About the author

The author of Wonderstruck is named Brian Selznick. He was born on July 14, 1966 now he is 49. The thing that inspired him was a commercial about two puppets one boy and one girl. He was really excited beacuse he hadent made a book sense this other book Hugo.

What is the book about?????

Written part is about Ben a 10 year old boy who is deaf and lost his mother in a car crash.So he has to live with his cousins. He has to live with them untill he gets older. He dosen't like living with his cousins. At night he walks to his old house. One day he found a book in his moms room that has a place he has been wanting to go to. He found the adress and ran away...... The pictue part is a girl who is also deaf and wants to see her mom and she is a star. She also happens to be Bens grand mother.. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE READ WONDERSTRUCK.