Amazing Africa

4 Physical Feauturs

Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian highlands are located on the western section of the Ethiopian Plateau.Fringed by the Sudan lowlands these mountains are probably of early volcanic origin.The Ethiopian Plateau and several of its mountain groups are cut by deep valleys.The Blue Nile runs from its source Lake Tana,through the center of the plateau.

Nile River

The Nile River is 4160 miles long from its remotest headstream in central Africa to its delta on the Mediterranean Sea, making it the longest river in the world.The nile flows northward through parts of Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Kenya,Uganda,Rwanda,Burundi,and Zaire.The Nile's waters support practically all agriculture in the most densely populated parts of Egypt and furnish water for 20% of Sudan's total crop area.The Nile is an important source of hydroelectric power.

Niger River

The Niger River,which is 2,600 miles long,rises on the Fouta Djallon plateau in southwest guinea and flows through Guinea into the mali republic.Near Timbuktu,Mali,the Niger begins a great bend,flowing out of Mali Republic.Near Timbuktu,Mali,the Niger,and into Nigeria.The Niger then flows south,emptying through a great delta into the Gulf of Guinea.The delta-the largest in africa-is characterized by swamps,lagoons,and navigable channels.The Niger River is a major source of fish in the region.

Congo Basin

The Congo Basin is the world's second-largest river basin,comprising an area of 1,335,000 square miles.The vast drainage area lies astride equator in west central Africa and includes almost all of Zaire,western Zambia, and northern Angola.