Ed. Tech. Report

Volume 1 Issue 2

Change On The Horizon

Now that we've had a full, uninterrupted week under our belts, I'd like to say Happy New Year! It's good to be back and finally get back into a rhythm. I look forward to the changes and growth this new year will bring.

One of the changes that has already come about deals with what was the Franklin Middle School YouTube Channel, FMS-TV. This channel has begun a transition to what I would like to see become the FASD YouTube Channel. I have a vision of each building contributing material on a regular basis to this channel as a means of reaching our community in the digital age. Sandycreek Elementary has begun contributing this week and the students have done a fantastic job! If nothing else, please subscribe to the channel so you can see what others in the district are contributing.

Here's to a FANTASTIC 2015!



Our Newest Program

I've had the pleasure of working closely with Mrs. Connie Palmer and her 6th grade students this week in establishing their daily announcement program. These students have done a fantastic job and their contributions are a great addition to the FASD YouTube channel.

Recording is being conducted on a classroom iPad through an app called Touchcast. Programs like this are just a start to what you can do with this app, which is basically a full recording studio in a simple little package. If you would like to discuss how this app might be used in your classroom, please contact me and I'd love to explore the possibilities with you!

Thank you Mrs. Palmer and WAY TO GO 6TH GRADE!

TNN Announcements 1/16/15