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Mikhael Kemmerer

General Patton

Military Career

Patton had his first real taste of battle in 1915, when leading cavalry patrols against Poncho Villa at Fort Bliss along the Mexican border. In 1916 he was selected to aide John J. Pershing, commander of the American Expeditionary Forces in Mexico. In Mexico, Patton impressed Pershing by personally shooting Mexican leader Julio Cardenas during the Battle of Columbus. Pershing promoted Patton to captain and invited him to lead Pershing’s Headquarters Troop once they left Mexico.

In 1917, during WWI, Patton was the first officer assigned to the new U.S. Tank Corps. In France, at the Battle of Cambrai, Patton established himself as one of the leading experts in tank warfare. He earned the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism for his brilliant maneuvering of almost 350 tanks at the frontlines, and for taking a bullet in the leg during battle.

It was during WWII that Patton hit the high point of his military career. In 1943 he used daring assault and defense tactics to lead the 7th U.S. army to victory at the invasion of Sicily. On D-Day in 1944, when the allies invaded Normandy, President Eisenhower granted Patton command of the 3rd U.S. Army. Under Patton’s leadership, the 3rd Army swept across France, capturing town after town. "Keep on advancing… whether we go over, under, or through the enemy," Patton told his troops. Nicknamed "Old Blood and Guts" due to his ruthless drive and apparent lust for battle, he wrote home to his wife, "When I’m not attacking, I get bilious."

In 1945, Patton and his army managed to cross the Rhine and charge straight into the heart of Germany, capturing 10,000 miles of enemy territory along the course of the 10-day march, and liberating Germany from the Nazi’s in the process.

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1. How can you describe General Pattoms military career?

2. What is the main idea of the article?


1. Why do you think Patton was so successful?

2. Bases on the info of the article, what can you say about Patton as a leader?


1. What is your opinion of Patton? Was he a good leader or a bad one?

2. What is the most important detail of this article?



1. Pattons military career was a full success for him. He was one of the greatest generals and one who dove into the heart of Germany and took 10,000 miles of land from them. I say it was a perfect one for him.

2. The main idea is Patton him self. It is an biography about him and his life and this section is about his military career and how good it was.


1. Patton was successful because most of the top military leaders saw potentle in him and gave him a chance to prove it many times. He did prove them right and besides the men up top, Pattons troops followed him everywhere he went. They trusted him and believed he could do anything.

2. Patton was a great leader. Even though he drove his men to keep fighting he really didn't want the, to die and still cared for his men, every great leader should. He also had brilliant plans when attacking or defending from the enemy.


1. My opinion of Patton is a good one. I see him as a great leader and I think he may have been the best tank commander of his time. His men knew this and so do people many years later.

2. It's hard to say the most important detail for this article, but it would have to be how he started out his military career. When he was leading cavalry patrols against Poncho Villa at Fort Bliss. He then aided John Pershing and impressed him by personally shooting theMexican leader Julio Cardenas during the battle of Columbus. That right there is what lead him to be a great general later in 2 World Wars.