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Improve your English with Native English Speaking Teachers

Thank you for visiting our page. We understand the need to learn English to open more doors personally and professionally. Our teachers are all NATIVE SPEAKERS from USA, England, Australia, and other English-speaking countries.

Currently, we work in places like Panama, South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil helping people just like you improve their English communication. We look forward to working with you soon! Contact us with any questions.

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Our products and services:

Practice your English when, how, and where you want!

Panamerican English Services is your source for private, personalized English learning. Each of our teachers is a Native Speaker, so you will hear REAL, clear, correct English.

Advantages of learning English online:

  1. You don't have to leave your house.
  2. We offer flexible schedules.
  3. You get 100% of the teacher's attention.
  4. You will receive correction on your pronunciation.
  5. You will learn new vocabulary in EVERY class.
  6. You will discuss and learn about topics important to YOU.

What you can expect:

LEARN with professional native English speaking teachers

LEARN to improve your pronunciation and confidence

LEARN what you need, how, when and where you want to learn.

What you will receive:

  • MP3 Recording of each class
  • Private attention from a Native Speaking Teacher
  • Personalized study plan
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Immediate feedback, corrections, and explanations


Skype-based English classes are $25 USD per lesson. Lessons last 55 minutes. The last 5 minutes are used to review the lesson and plan the next class.

5 classes: $120 ($24 per class)

10 classes: $230 ($23 per class)

20 classes: $420 ($21 per class)

After selecting your package. We will schedule your classes and discuss your learning goals.

Payment is made via paypal to info@englishinpanama.com.


English for students, professionals, executives, and children.