Preparing for the STAAR

Classes Working Hard

This past week 5th graders have been working hard to prepare for the STAAR (state of Texas of academic readiness) 5th grade has been learning all year and this past week was there chance to show it of. All the classes were working hard to get ready, teachers were showing kids lessons and kids were observing all of it in hopes of doing well.

How kids feel about STAAR

I interviewed a few kids about what the STAAR meant to them and this is what they said.

Jasmine 5B- Typically there are some hard questions but i like how it tests your brain and makes you smarter.

Haley 5B- The STAAR test is boring. I think that they should look at your overall scores and not just one big test because everybody has a bad day. Before the STAAR test i feel super pressured and anxious.

(me) Jillian 5B- I think the STAAR test is a good idea i just hope that they don't only look at that. Sometimes i run into a hard question and just am glad i had good teachers that taught me what to do. Im not a person to worry about a test because i know that if i try my best then whatever happens is the best for me.

Jillian Moore

Im Jillian Moore the author of this paper. I enjoy anything sweet,cats,family,friends and to many other things. I have always loved writing and reading i starting a paper was a fun way to do it.