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May 13-17, 2019

from J & Mike-

We are loving the energy as we enter the last full week of school. I walked into a classroom this week to hear a Kindergarten teacher kindly but firmly remind students about their learning and behavioral expectations. As I walked out of the room, somewhat smiling knowing that the teacher was most likely cursing my name and the timing of my visit, I should have gone back to her to remind her that her reminder of expectations was completely appropriate. These are kids who are learning. And while they may have been in Kindergarten all year long with the same expectations, this is their first time they are experiencing the first week of May as Kindergarteners - picking up on the excitement and anxiety of the end of the year themselves. This thought process can be applied to students of 1st, 2nd...all grades. I know of a few staff members that this thought process can also be applied to. If you've seen the movie The First 50 Dates...well, apply that concept to the last 7 days of school.

High expectations to the end, with you modeling how to balance those expectations with fun, is part of your gig. Enjoy it!

Reimbursement of Bus Costs for Cardinals Field Trip

We’ve had a few questions about this, so here is what the process looks like along with an estimated timeline. Once all of these trips have been invoiced in Trip Tracker, our Transportation Department will put together a summary invoice broken down by school. A donation for these costs is received through the Foundation for SPS, who then forwards the funds to SPS. Finally, our Finance Department uses the summary invoice to reimburse individual school activity accounts. Last year, this process was completed in mid-June.

Upcoming Events

May 21 End of Year meeting & social (TBD)

May 23-24 Principal PBIS Workshop (Pick One) @ Cherokee MS

May 28-29 Innovation Summit @ Branson (GOCSD)

July 15 -21 Conscience Discipline Summer Institute (CHS Feeder)

July 25-26 PLC Summitt @ KHS (GOCSD)

July 30 K-12 Principals kickoff

Jul 31 Lead, Learn, Succeed (District Leadership Kickoff)

Aug 1,2,5,6 New Teacher Induction

Aug 5-6 Conscience Discipline Teacher Workshop

Aug 7,8,9,12 Professional Days

Aug 7 Activate SPS

Aug 13 First Day for Students
Raising Kids Who Want To Read — Even During The Summer

Increased reading by impoverish the environment your child is in... that means restricting other things they can do.

Tip of the Week

Professional learning outcomes must focus on student learning outcomes in order to maximize the power of adult learning. As you prepare to design your site’s professional learning, pause to check the goals you’ve identified on your SAP. Do they meet these criteria?

· Specific: The desired student and/or educator outcome is named in concrete language.

· Measureable: The goal can be measured or quantified so that you clearly know when you’ve reached it.

· Attainable: While the goal will stretch your school, you have the resources to make it happen.

· Relevant: Your goal aligns to student needs and the district mission--Engaging. Relevant. Personal.

· Time-bound: The goal sets a deadline to attain the end result.

What changes might you make to your SAP goals to insure the outcomes you hope to attain?

Who might serve as a helpful sounding board as you refine these goals?

For a deeper dive into the power of focusing on outcomes, read this article from Learning Forward.

HR Updates, and Work Calendars for 2019-20

Please review the HR May 2019 Newsletter as it has a lot of helpful information for all SPS team members.

The work calendars for 2019-2020 are now posted on the SPS HR website. The calendars were built based off of the Board approved 2019-2020 school calendar and in compliance with the Board approved Salary Schedule and Collective Bargaining Agreements, respectfully. Feedback was obtained by department leaders and then approved by SPS's Executive Leadership Team. If you have a question regarding your work calendar, please contact your direct supervisor or HR.

How perfectionism fails us

Why it's best to celebrate the little wins and imperfect moments alongside the big successes to combat our fear of failure.

2019 School Law Seminar

A 2019 School Law Seminar will be hosted in Springfield on July 24. If you sign up for it, please ensure you attend. Find out more at