How to Create a SMORE!

(Hero Interview Project)

Setting up your Smore account and flyer

  1. Open a new tab to go to
  2. Click "Sign up" - use your school email and password
  3. Click on "Start a New Flyer"
  4. Click on "News Bulletin"
  5. Start by picking a title. Add a subtitle.
  6. Choose your design, color, and font by using the sidebar.
  7. Start adding the required information
  8. Make sure you hit "Save Now" (frequently, just in case wifi crashes)
  9. To get back to your project, login and go to "My Flyers"

Adding sections...

Scroll to the bottom of the page or hit the small green (+) when hovering between sections to add images, text, sounds, or titles. Try and be creative with your layout! Copy and paste your information from your google docs to your Smore.

Tip: using the small green (+), places the new section exactly where you want it instead of having to drag it up from the bottom.

Deleting & Changing layout of sections...

To delete hover over the top right corner of the section you wish to delete. Click X, then click Remove.

To modify the layout of a section, hover over the section. You will see arrows to both sides. Click the arrows to present more layout options.

Adding your sound files...

  1. Add a Button section to your Smore
  2. Type "Click here for interview audio" in the Botton Text box.
  3. Copy the shareable link from your Google Drive. You audio should have been saved in your Google Drive (see Hero Recording Tips for directions).

All finished?

When you finish your smore follow these steps:
  1. Save your project
  2. Click Update Page
  3. You should see a link box on the sidebar
  4. Highlight and copy the URL
  5. Turn in the URL