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The Report Card / April 2015

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You are Making the Dream of College a Reality at YWCP!

I am delighted to have the opportunity to thank you for your support of YWCP. The past few months have been an exciting time in which we have achieved so much for our students, and I am really pleased to be able to bring you an update on just what your support has meant to us.

I recently heard a statistic that each year a girl remains in school, she increases her future earning power by 18%. This comes in addition to the benefits of improved health for her and her family along with the increased self-esteem and overall quality of life that results from a good education. Investing in girls' education is a proven investment for the entire community! That's why YWCP continues to seek your support through investments of your talent and philanthropic gifts.

Many of the students at YWCP enter school achieving below grade level in math and reading. This is a huge obstacle for our students, since maintaining a grade point average higher than 3.0 is one of the greatest predictors of high school success and college readiness. Other predictors include students who:

  • Have low absenteeism
  • Remain at the same school through the middle grades
  • Pass Algebra I in 8th grade and Algebra II in 9th grade
  • Meet benchmarks on college preparatory tests like the SAT
  • Participate in college preparatory activities
  • Posses five core skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

Thanks to the support of generous donors in our community, like you, who care about girls' education, our Foundation provides innovative programs that address each of these predictors of success. Please enjoy the stories below that show how our students are benefiting from your support of the YWCP Foundation.

With sincere gratitude,

LaShunda Leslie-Smith

President & CEO, YWCP Foundation

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Our Partners Make it Possible!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the exciting opportunities the students at YWCP are experiencing thanks to donors like you. The continued commitment and support of our community, and the partners below, is critical to our students' success.

About YWCP

YWCP Charter School is Rochester's first and only all-girls public school. It opened its doors in August 2012 to its first class of students, and will grow over the next four years to serve more than 500 students in grades 7-12. YWCP is an affiliate of the Young Women's Leadership Network, which supports five highly successful single-gender schools in NYC and 11 affiliates across the country.

The mission of the YWCP Foundation is to break the cycle of poverty for young urban girls by increasing their economic self-sufficiency through improved leadership skills, career awareness, college readiness, and college access. To accomplish this, YWCP Inc. creates, implements, and supports innovative programs that educate the whole girl - academically, socially, and emotionally.

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