Country in Africa

Climate in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a seasonal climate. It has monthly rains that usually occur from November to March. Zimbabwe is also a tropical, moderate climate. Some people are affected by the droughts in Zimbabwe. Others are effected by the floods. It effects the way their crops grow.

Zimbabwe location

Zimbabwe is a landlocked area that is located in south Africa. The countries that surround Zimbabwe are Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, and South Africa.

Zimbabwe physical map

This is a physical map of Zimbabwe. It shows different types of rivers like the Mupfure and the Munati.

Zimbabwes Government

Zimbabwe has a parliamentary government. The prime minister shares power with the president, but the president has more power. Political power is split between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The government system can also be described as the semi-presidental system.

Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe's president)

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Morgan Tsvangirai (prime minister)

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Zimbabwe's culture

Zimbabwe had a literacy rate of 90% in 2014. Some of Zimbabwe's official languages are Shona, English, and Ndebele. Their religion is mostly Christianity. Many people in Zimbabwe enjoy doing art and music. They play different instruments such as the marimba and the mbira. They make art like sculptures that are semi-abstract. Most of Zimbawbes populaition is made up of 98% Africans. There are two major groups of people who speak Bantu. One group is called Shona which is 82% of the population. There standard of living is low.

Natural Resources in Zimbabwe

Some of the natural resources in Zimbabwe are coal, diamonds, nickel, copper, iron ore, tin, and other metals. It's economy is based on agriculture. Some of Zimbabwe's exports are tobacco, coffee, iron, steel, and raw hides. Some imports are machinery, vehicles, medical tools, and electric things. They have embargoes and sanctions as trade barriers. Its economy is a mixed economy. Zimbabwe encourages entrepreneurship.
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Environmental Issues in Zimbabwe

Some of Zimbabwe's major environmental issues include deforestation, water and air pollution, and soil erosion. Zimbabwe has suffered from over grazing and they have little forest because of these issues.