Alien Abduction

Name of society- Mars, because there might be aliens on Mars.

Rules and consequences- if you try to escape you will be killed.

Styles of clothing and shoes allowed- silver space suit and silver jordan futures.

Vehicles allowed- silver Lamborghini

Food allowed- fried chicken because I like it and I can eat it everyday.

Styles of homes allowed- everybody will sleep on the ground in one room.

Traditions- on every full moon we have to sleep outside.

Education- there will be a room where you talk about space and learn about it.

Family- there will be 100 familys there because the aliens are going to eat us.

The abduction

One night I was star gazing and then I saw a flashing moving star with color patterns. Then the lights got bigger and I could see a ship. The lights stopped blinking and I could see the outline of the ship. Then it started flashing again and it starting blinding me. There was a gravitational pull that lifted me into the ship there was nothing I could do to stop it. Once inside the ship I woke up with a light on a stand. On the stand there were silver Jordans and I reached out to it and my hands started glowing brighter and brighter as my hands got closer to it. I passed out and all of a sudden woke up with about 100 other people on the floor. I stood up and went to open the door. I reached to open the door and someone grabbed my hand preventing me from opening the door. I looked back into the room and I saw two more people in the back of the room. I looked back at the person that grabbed my arm and looked at all the bodies that were on the floor. Then somehow on the wall the words appeared on the wall that the people on the floor were not asleep, they were dead. I kicked down the door and ran as fast as I could and the house that I ran to looked like the one that I came from. All of a sudden a silver Lamborghini drove past me and threw out a gun on the ground. I grabbed the gun and stuck it in my pocket and ran to the food stand that was across the street. He said “one please” and the man gave me one piece of fried chicken. I sat down to eat and process what had just happened.

I decided to go back the house and when I looked inside I saw the three people that I had met. I thought that they were trying to communicate but they all spoke a different language. They all looked at me weirdly because they didn’t speak the same language. I pointed out the window and the sun was setting. They all panicked and decided to lay down on the floor like they were dead bodies. I heard people kicking down doors and then someone knocked on the door where I was, and the door fell down and I saw one person moving so I grabbed him to come with me. After the alien grabbed the person he immediately went to sleep. When he woke up he was surrounded by fire. The two other survivors ran off. I decided to run with them. All of sudden animals ran by us and it was with such strong force it knocked us down. So I grabbed my gun and shot the animal trying to help him survive but he died.

Me and the last survivor pulled out more fried chicken to refuel our bodies. Then the final survivor pointed at the river and they went to get water. It started to get dark and we saw more aliens coming and one of the aliens saw the guy with me and the alien shot him as he tried to run to the outpost.

I knocked down the outpost door and found himself in a maze. I went too far into the maze and ran into another alien. The alien tackled me and we started to wrestle. I pushed the alien down and shot him in the head. I found the Jordans on the aliens feet and I took them off and put them on. All of a sudden an explosion happened right above my head. There was a big flash with lights coming straight towards me. I looked up and there was a ledge. I jumped up with my Jordans and I jumped 10 feet high and got onto the ledge. I went down a hallway filled with lights and found a dark matter generator with an alien standing behind it. The alien jumped up through the generator and stood right in front of me. There was a light now coming from below me. I looked and saw rainbow Jordans. I said, “You must be the leader” and the alien leader said, “Why do you think everything is happening so perfect? I knew this would happen all along.” The alien then pulled out a gun and I blacked out again.

I then woke up and realized I was on crash course for Earth in a big ship. I closed my eyes tightly and it happened… I crashed into Earth! Luckily, I crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Humans recognized me and they also knew that I didn’t cause the ship to crash into Earth. They tried to find me but all they found was silver Jordans. In front of the silver Jordans was the city of Atlantis. Then all of a sudden the humans saw some more aliens in the city of Atlantis. The army came and they killed one of the aliens and took off his armor and they realized that it was a flamingo. So the military called in a bunch of veteranarians to tranquilize the flamingos and take them to a zoo. It turns out that flamingos invented the silver Jordans.

The Land Of Marshmallows

One day, there was a group of young kids at school about to take their naps. They all got their mats and laid down on the carpet. One of the kids stomach starting growling like a lion and said that he was hungry. The teacher told him to lay down and that he could eat after his nap.

The little boy laid down to go to sleep. He noticed that all of the other kids were already asleep. One of the kids was making really loud snoring sounds louder than a freight train. He couldn’t fall asleep so he started counting. The teacher heard him count to 4 before she noticed that he had drifted off to sleep.

They slept for about an hour and then they woke up. The teacher told the little boy that he could get his food. He said that he had already eaten cereal and that he also found a great treasure too. She asked him what he ate and he told her that he had gone to the land of marshmallows.

She was very interested in what he was talking about so she asked him to tell her all about it. He told her that he was so hungry, so he went looking for food. He ran into four different people. The first one was Tony the Tiger and he told the little boy that he was doing GREAAATTTTT! He asked Tony the Tiger to help him find some food and so they went off together to search. Then they came upon Count Chocula and the little boy asked him for something to eat. Count Chocula told them to follow him to his palace of chocolate so they continued on. Then they came upon Captain Crunch and he was busy crunching up corn oats so he told them all to come with him and help him crunch the oats that were growing on the ground. While they were all hopping around crunching oats they heard a noise. They all went to see what the noise was. That is when they met Lucky Charms who was crying because she had lost her charms.

Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula and Captain Crunch told Lucky Charms that if she could get the little boy something to eat that they would all help her find her charms.

They looked up, they looked down and they looked all around. They couldn’t find her charms. Then the little boy saw a huge pile of snow that was whiter than the milk in cereal. He ran over to the white pile hoping that he would find the charms, but no such luck.

Then Tony the Tiger suggested that they go look in the land of frosted flakes. So they began their journey and when they got there it was raining cats and dogs. So they could hardly see all the flakes. They tried to search for the charms but they had no such luck.

That is when Count Chocula said that he saw something that stood out like a sore thumb. They asked him how far back they had to go. He said that he would take them there if they were brave as lions. So they continued on and when they got there they saw nothing.

All of a sudden, they heard rumbling noises that sounded like thunder. They realized that it was the boys stomach. They knew that the little boy couldn’t wait much longer because he was so hungry.

That is when they all got together and made a plan. They asked Lucky charms where she was when she lost her charms. She told them that she was in the land of marshmallows.

The little boy said that he had already been there. They asked him did he see Lucky’s charms when he was there. He said that he didn’t see any charms.

Everyone was sad that they couldn’t help Lucky find her charms. They decided to sit down by the water. While they were sitting there the little boy was so hungry that he decided to eat the treasures that he had found. First he ate the blue diamond then the green clover. Next he ate the blue moon and the leprechaun hat. He was still hungry he ate the purple horseshoes and the orange and white stars. He told Lucky Charms that he was really sorry that they couldn’t find her charms. He thought that he could cheer everyone up if he would share his treasures with them. So he called Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms over to where he was standing. He told them that he wasn’t hungry anymore because he had eaten some of his treasures and that he wanted to share some with all of them.

He pulled out the treasures and Lucky Charms started jumping up and down for joy. She told everyone that the little boy had found the charms. Everyone was happy and full as they sat and ate all of the marshmallows together.

The little boy explained that they were his new friends and they were coming over to play later. The teacher just smiled and said that he must have been dreaming. When it was time to go home the teacher told everyone to clean up and get their belongings together. All of the kids went home. When the teacher came back into the room she saw little marshmallows all over the floor. She really believed that he had gone to marshmallow land.