Ava Anderson Non Toxic

By Amy VanderLaan

2016 ~ Ava Anderson Non Toxic Accountability Group


Have you started off the new year by keeping to your fresh new years resolutions?

Well I have been aspiring to, however I have continued with the same thing as last year where I say "I'll start tomorrow" and I always try to correlate it to something else significant going on that day, such as "it's the first day back to work after a long vacation" or "I'll wait until after the weekend and a few more days won't matter". Well I've decided no more correlations - Today is the day. And for me, I need accountability. Since beginning this journey into health and wellness almost one year ago, I'm continuously looking to learn new things that I can grow and improve from. Would you like some accountability too? Would you like to learn new things about living a non toxic lifestyle? Or maybe you already know about it and are challenged by how to incorporate into your already busy/demanding life?

Please join me in an Ava Anderson Non Toxic (by Amy) accountability group. It will be a low maintenance group where we will set goals, expectations and hold each other accountable to sticking to them! Each month we will have one goal, set at the beginning of every month. It will be a private Facebook group. We can share ideas, progress, and testimonies throughout the month. Then at the end of the month we can evaluate how we feel about the change made. The goals will be centered around trying Ava Anderson Non Toxic products and I will offer a large discount of 20% off the featured product of the month.

The first month of February 2016 will feature the nourishing Facemask. Let's make this easy on us, because after a long Holiday season, I'm ready for some pampering for myself and I admittedly do not take the time to do it enough !!! Facemasks are good to do approximately 3-4 times per month. For accountability, let's post a picture of ourselves in the facemask on each Friday or "Facemask Friday". How does this sound? If you'd like to be added to the group, please call, text, email, Facebook message me. Please submit your orders by Sunday January 24 so that we can begin right away in February with Friday February 5 being our first Facemask Friday. A check will be mailed for the discount off of retail price. If you order by January 24 I will send you a FREE Ava headwrap in addition to the 20% off discount!!! Please use the link and party # for the Mystery Host event noted below.

I'd love to have you join!!!!

A little more about the Moisturizing Facemask:

Clay based mask is formulated with COQ10, a powerful antioxidant. It provides anti-wrinkle benefits and helps revitalize the skin. Honey and aloe nourish, soften and soothe skin. For all skin types.

Please note the mystery host event below for orders - this is a great month to place an order with the chance to win!!! Also note the customer special is a FREE moisturizer with a $95 order (that will earn you almost 4 tickets into the mystery host event).

For anyone curious about what we will do in other months I have selected the product for March, however, I am going to delay choosing any further ahead as the company generally comes out with new products around April. I'm open for suggestions as well!

In March we will try the Dream Cream! During the cold winter months my skin becomes dry, cracked and sore. Especially because I wash my hands frequently to avoid sicknesses passing around. I do moisturize, but not nearly enough as I should - my hands look so sad! I need accountability! This group will challenge me to take care of myself!!! Not only that, dream cream has been known to cure a variety of skin issues such as eczema (how and why I found Ava Anderson), psoriasis, rashes, burns, bug bites, rosacea, diaper rash, stretch marks, cracked heals. It's one of our most popular products! For anyone that wants a specific scent the Dream Cream has a fresh and very light citrus scent and the Diaper Cream is the same exact formulation but with a lavender scent. More on this wonderful product next month!!!!

January Mystery Host Event

Do you know what a Mystery Host Event is?

- It is a party where YOU have the chance to earn the host rewards!!!

What do you need to do to earn a chance to win?

ONE Ticket per item below:

- For every order of $25 retail sales

- For every order of $25 retail sales that a friend that YOU invite submits

- For Signing up as a consultant on my team in the month of January

- For booking (and fulling) your own hosted avaHOUR

What could I win?

There will be a drawing of tickets for each of the following prizes

- FREE product (depends on the total amount of the party and I may split this up into multiple prizes) Average is $60-100 FREE product!!!

- Option to purchase a host exclusive

- Unlimited discount on products (also depends on the amount of the party but can range from 30-50% OFF)

Why is JANUARY the best month to enter the mystery host event?

- JANUARY IS DOUBLE HOST CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the amount of FREE product (based on total sales) will be DOUBLE the normal amount... so that $60-100 range I mentioned above - could be $120-$200 FREE!!!!!!!

What do I need to do to join?

- Order online at www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/amyvanderlaan and be sure to enter Party #131397 at checkout

- All orders must be submitted by 9:00PM EST on January 31, 2016 to qualify

Have you considered hosting? JANUARY is the month to do so with DOUBLE host credits!!!! Please see below for more information.

Three Ways to Begin or Continue Non Toxic Journey for the NEW YEAR:

Thank you for an amazing 2015!

From my family to yours, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU for a wonderful 2015! It was such an honor to share the Ava Anderson Non Toxic message with you and your family/friends. I am so grateful for all of your support and cannot wait to continue into 2016. I'm looking forward to another amazing year!
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