Contributions to the Enlightenment

By: Elizabeth Allen, Stephie Teffeteller, and Barreca Durand

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Baron de Montesquieu's Contributions

Montesquieu had the idea to separate the powers into judicial, executive and legislative. He created spirit of laws. He believed that all things were made up of rules or laws that never changed. He studied these laws with with knowledge of the government laws would reduce the problems of society and improve human life.

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Voltaire's Contributions

Voltaire's real name is Francios Marie Arouet. Voltaire used reason over religion and he thought differently than many people, including the way he approached thinking. He wrote many books. He fought for civil rights.

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Denis Diderot's Contributions

Diderot wanted to "liberate God from the shackles of the church." He wrote The Encyclopedia which proved further that reason and knowledge could overcome ignorance and religion.