Updates from Jackson~Week of August 8, 2022

Our mission: We are a community of learners inspiring each child to explore, grow, and achieve.


Jackson families/students,

I'm Carol Field, the principal of Jackson Intermediate School, and this is my parent newsletter, Family Field Notes. I'll send it directly to the email address you provide in your annual registration forms; I'll also post it on our school website as well as Jackson's social media pages for your convenience.The links to our Facebook/Twitter pages are at the bottom of this page.

In this edition, I'm sharing important details to help you get ready for school. If you have questions that aren't answered here, please reach out to our office using the contacts listed at the bottom.

The big news this year is that all JIS classrooms are in the main building so there will be no students traveling between the uphill and downhill buildings. Lakewood PK and district registration office will continue to occupy the uphill building, but all students in grades 3-5 will be in the lower building.

The smaller blue building behind Jackson A has been refreshed, and will soon be connected to the main building by an enclosed hallway, adding four classrooms that enable us to accommodate all students and staff members under one roof.

As we approach the 2022-23 school year, there's a lot you need to know so I encourage you visit our district's Back-to-School page. You'll be able to see the district calendar, school event dates, supply lists, student handbooks, transportation (EZRoute), food service (meal prices/payment options/waivers), annual registration (New Final Forms) and more!

For your convenience, I've also included some of the same details below along with information specific to Jackson Intermediate School.

Please feel free to contact our secretary, Mrs. Stephanie Johnson, (740-928-1915) from 8-4 daily. Additional staff contacts are at the end of this newsletter.

Mrs. Debbie Bowman continues to handle new district registrations/enrollments and PK details from the office in Jackson B.

Mrs. Beth Cline is Jackson's Assistant Principal.

Welcome to our incoming 3rd graders and welcome back to our 4th/5th grade students. I hope we see you at our Open House/Meet the Teacher event on Tuesday, 8/16, from 5:00-6:45pm.

Carol Field, Principal


(740) 928-1915

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8/16 - Open House from 5:00-6:45pm

8/18 - First day of school!

9/5 - Labor Day (no school)

9/21 - 2 HR Delayed Start - Drop-off after 10:20am

10/3 - Fall Picture Day


Memorize as many digits of Pi as you can and register to win prizes at the Hebron Pie Festival on August 20!

See the flyer below for details and the first 500 digits to get you started!

Then register to recite as many as you can for prizes!


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It's time to update your student(s) annual registration forms. We must have accurate and current contact information every year to be sure we can communicate with you about your child's learning and progress as well as in case of an illness or emergency.

We are now using FinalForms for all of our student registration, information and communication. You should have received an email with directions on how to login. For additional information and directions on how to register, visit https://www.lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us/backtoschool.aspx.

To get started, visit https://lakewoodlocal-oh.finalforms.com/. For any additional questions, please contact Debbie Bowman, Central Registration Secretary, at 740-928-1915 or dbowman@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us.


You can pay your child's $40 student fee online at the link below.


If you prefer, you can pay with cash or check as well. Make checks payable to Lakewood Local Schools and should be paid by the first week of school.


The USDA discontinued its Pandemic Relief Universal FREE Meals to all students for the 2022-2023 school year, which is unfortunate since many families and students greatly benefited. Since free meals for all students has ended, your child may qualify for free or reduced prices.

Student breakfast

Regular price - $1.50; Reduced price - 30¢

Student lunch

Regular price - $3.00; Reduced price - 40¢

Milk - 50¢ for all

I encourage you to apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals if you think your child may be eligible. Look for a paper copy coming home with all students when the school year begins or click the links below to locate online and printable versions. You only need to complete one application per household.

Free or Reduced Lunch Application (Printable Version) 2022-2023

Free or Reduced Lunch Application (Online Version) 2022-2023

Electronic Free or Reduced Meal Application Instructions

Much more information is available on our Food Service page at:



Rostering students to classes is one of the most important tasks I undertake each summer. Several factors enter into the decision-making process including conversations with teachers, review of students' academic records and needs, consideration of family placement input, and current staff positions.

I make teacher assignments available in Progress Book, which is our online grades & assignment site. You should be able to access your child's assigned teacher on Monday, 8/15.

Once you log in, click on "Schedule" under Student Information. You will then be able to see the assigned classes on the left and the teacher's name on the right. Throughout the school year, you'll also be able to view current grades and assignments anytime!

For parents/guardians who are new ProgressBook users, please click the link below to read the information under ProgressBook Parent Access. If you need a registration key to create a new account or you have trouble logging in, our school secretary, Stephanie Johnson, will be happy to assist. You may contact her at sjohnson@lakewoodlocal.org or call the school at 740-928-1915.

Note: New account registration keys will be available Friday afternoon on 8/12/22.


Please note: Rosters are final once published. If you completed the placement survey in April/May, please be assured that I seriously considered the information you shared as part of the overall process. Thanks for understanding!


First day for students is Thursday, 8/18/22

8:20 - Arrival~Cafeteria breakfast or to gym. (Breakfast $1.50; milk 50¢)

8:50 - Tardy after this time. Students report to the office for a late pass.

3:20 - Dismissal begins with pick-ups and first buses called.

If you plan to provide transportation to/from school for your child, please note our drop-off time is no earlier than 8:20am. If you arrive before that time, you must park in a marked space and wait. There is no parking along the south sidewalk in the morning or afternoon because long lines block buses exiting the driveway as private vehicles enter.

After 8:20, you may pull into the south driveway and along the sidewalk, stopping only to let your child exit the vehicle. JIS staff members will be on duty to help children make their way to class. After your child has safely exited your vehicle, you can turn left and exit the far south driveway along the softball field.

Families will not be able to escort students to class so it is best to say goodbye and take pictures before you arrive. Thanks in advance for your understanding in this matter.

Dismissal begins at 3:20pm for students. If you provide transportation for your child, you must park in a space in the south parking lot. Then come to the sidewalk to escort your child back to your vehicle safely. We will not send students into the parking lot without your escort. We do not load children into your vehicle at curbside since long lines block exiting bus traffic.

Please call/send a note if your child is a pickup. We check pick-ups off our list before sending them out the doors.

We'll do our best to create a smooth routine but thanks in advance for your patience in the first few days of school as we figure it all out together. Drive safely!


  • Backpacks: If you need a backpack, please let the school know. We have some to share!
  • Birthdays: Food is not permitted to celebrate birthdays. You may send non-edible items such as pencils, stickers, bookmarks instead. Please communicate with your child's teacher beforehand. Birthdays are announced daily and students receive a birthday book.
  • Bus: EZRouting is where you can view bus information and/or communicate directly with someone in the transportation department using your account.
  • Dismissal Changes: Student dismissal plans or changes should be submitted to the school secretary in writing or by phone by 2:30 p.m. We can not make dismissal changes based on student request. We must have communication (note/phone call) from parents/guardians.
  • Parent Newsletters: Newsletters will be sent to the email you provide in annual registration. When you update annual registration information in Final Forms, please be sure your contacts and email are accurate so you don't miss out on school communications.
  • Visitors: Ring the buzzer by the main door of the building and wait there so the secretary can see you in the camera. The office staff will ask you to state your name and reason for visiting Jackson before buzzing you in. All visitors must turn right and immediately check in at the office window.
  • School Arrival Time: No student should arrive at school prior to 8:20am. The school day begins promptly at 8:50am. Arrival after that time is considered tardy and will require a late pass to class from the office. We agree with you that every instructional minute counts and daily attendance is key to maximum growth. Please try to minimize early dismissals. House Bill 410 requires that schools record every minute of absence, and we want your child to have a great attendance record.
  • Student Pick Up: Please have a picture ID available each time you wish to pick up your child during school hours. Our secretaries recognize many faces but not all. Those picking up students must be listed on your child’s registration or emergency information. This is for the safety and protection of your children. Thank you for your understanding.


Through their partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, Governor DeWine's administration is working to send every child in Ohio from birth to age five a new book each month.

If you have a child ages birth-5, click this link to enroll him/her in Ohio's Imagination Library!


Lancer PRIDE has teamed up with Kona Ice again this year for some sweet treats each month!

The names of 30 students who earn Lancer PRIDE certificates each month will be pulled to receive a free Kona Ice during lunchtime. All Jackson students will have the opportunity to make a purchase as well.

Event dates, pricing, and pre-ordering information will be published soon!


You'll be able to order Little Caesar pizza kits online to be delivered directly to your home address. Super easy and super tasty way to show your support!

More details coming soon. Starts after Labor Day.


Jackson Homeroom Teachers & Interventionists

Grade 3

Mrs. Bloom - bernadettebloom@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Crider - brittaneycrider@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Griffith - dgriffith@lakewoodlocal.org

Ms. Izer - heatherizer@lakewoodlocal.org

Ms. McNichols - jennifermcnichols@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Ramirez - kramirez@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Castetter - Interventionist - hchamberlain@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Sedor - Interventionist - carriesedor@lakewoodlocal.org

Grade 4

Mr. Brown - brownt@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Debevoise - kaliedebevoise@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Daugherty - sdaugherty@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Dorris - juliedorris@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. McCord - sharonmccord@lakewoodlocal.org

Mr. Strock - dstrock@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Pareso - Interventionist - kpareso@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Sedor - Interventionist - carriesedor@lakewoodlocal.org

Grade 5

Mrs. Cable - marthacable@lakewoodlocal.org

Ms. Clark - kclark@lakewoodlocal.org

Ms. Francis - carriefrancis@lakewoodlocal.org

Ms. Manter - michaelenemanter@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. O'Bruba - jobruba@lakewoodlocal.k12.oh.us

Mrs. Wright - sarahwright@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Brunaugh - Math - cbrunaugh@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Gibson - ELA - agibson@lakewoodlocal.org

Mrs. Hanson - Interventionist - wendyhanson@lakewoodlocal.org

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