By: Scarlett Frazier

everything you need to know about croatia

Croatia is a country off the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It has many small mountain ranges and rivers. Croatia is next to these countries, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Slovenia

Geography of Croatia

Croatia is a small place with large features like mountains, rivers and lakes. Croatia is about the size of west virginia. Zagreb is Croatia's biggest city with a population of 790.016. Zagreb has the second biggest river in Europe.


Croatia has a Parliamentary republic. That means a government with execute laws held with a parliament. That means a legislature doesn't pass the laws. The president in Croatia is Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.
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For every 14 United States cents it equals 1 Croatian dollar. Croatia usually imports transportation, machinery, chemicals and textiles. Croatia usually exports to Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Serbia. Croatia has a gdp per capita of 54,678.17.

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Religion, language , country flag

They speak the Croatian language. Their religion is mainly Roman Catholic 87% of the whole country is Roman Catholic. The flag represents the bands of color represent the colors of the army. The middle is called the code of arms.


One of the major holidays in Croatia is Croatia's National day. That day is october 8th. Also since they are kind of a religious place Easter weekend is a big deal. Those days are March 25-28. Croatia normally eats seafood and pastas. For example Pršut is something that is normally served at all resturants and is also served for special occasions.