Endangered Species

Help Support Our Earth

The World We Live In

Our earth is a beautiful place teeming with incredible natural structures and life forms. Dotted with exotic creatures, unique ecosystems and dazzling nature. A truly majestic place. Or is it.

The Ugly Truth

Earth may have been a beautiful place before but it may not be for much longer. As the population increases humans will in turn need more resources. Due to this we have been destroying natural resources for decades. Global resource consumption is predicted to become more than double it's current rate in the next 30 years.

The Victims

As we consume resources and environments we are destroying habitats for animals across the globe. This has caused the largest amount of extinction in documented history. If this continues we will face another mass extinction. Hundreds of species could perish if we don't make a stand.

What You Can Do

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Thank you for your contribution to help preserve our natural wonders.