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September 24, 2017

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Important Dates Coming Up

  • September 27th- Networking Olympics and announcement of our 2017-2018 community partner
  • September 27th- Donations Due for our Recess-Time Drive to benefit Creech Elementary in Houston
  • September 28th- Josten's class ring presentation for juniors
  • September 29th- End of the 6 weeks (this does affect eligibility for UIL)
  • September 29th- Renaissance Lunch
  • October 6th- Professional Development/ No School
  • October 9th- No School
  • October 11th- PSAT Test administered for Sophomores and Juniors (all are automatically registered)
  • October 13th- Homecoming

Possibility of Rain at Olympics

Parents and learners,

There is a chance of rain on Wednesday. If there is lightning, we will bring all olympic events inside. However, if there is only rain, we will continue to play through! Please be mindful and bring extra clothes or rain gear (you probably want extra clothes anyway because of the high likelihood that you will smell after a long day of games). Also, don't forget that we are announcing our community partner so you will want to bring your New Tech Gives Back shirt as well!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Steffany Batik

Veteran's Day

We will be holding a Veteran's Day assembly again this year and would like all learners with family members currently or formerly in the military to complete this form.

@ Battle T Shirt Design Competition


The Learner Leadership Council is excited to announce that November 11th, 2017 will be our official date for the annual "The @ Battle” dodgeball tournament. The @ Battle is an epic dodgeball tournament with all proceeds supporting New Tech High @ Coppell. The tournament will be held at Coppell Middle School North. Proceeds from the tournament will support the Learner Leadership Council and class activities for the Class of 2018 & the Class of 2019.

Each year LLC members design a t-shirt for the tournament, which are given to all of those who participate and are sold at a minimal cost, to help raise funds for all New Tech learners. This year, the committee wanted to open the t-shirt design across all grades, to all learners.

If you are interested in designing The @ Battle 2017

t-shirt here are the requirements:

  • It must contain the year and the tournament name within the design on the front
  • It may have either a small back design, or no back design at all. Sponsors for the tournament are placed on the back of the t-shirt.
  • Print should be one color
  • Everything on the t-shirt, must be school appropriate.

Please have your designs submitted by September 29th, 2017. Contact Kathy Matamoros if you have any other questions.

Haunted House Donations Needed

The New Tech High @ Coppell Haunted House will be taking place on October 26th from 6:30-9:30 pm! The Learner Leadership Council and Networking Team Captains are working together to organize the event this year and are asking for donations for the various rooms at the Haunted House. If you have any of the items below or have gift cards of any value to Ace Hardware, Lowes and/or Home Depot that you are willing to donate to NTH@C for this event, please email Brendon Wu at!

Needed Items:

· Anything doll related (Antique dolls, Barbie Dolls, Plastic Babies/Dolls)

· Glass jars or mason jars

· Antique Dresser

· Rocking chair

· Old Toys

· Wooden Table

· Fake Halloween Chains

· Speaker

· PVC Pipes

· Straight Jacket Halloween Costumes

· Fog Machine(s)

· Old Clothing (Preferably long-sleeve shirts & long pants, no short-sleeves/shorts)

· Clown Costumes

· Small stool(s) (Wooden or Plastic)

· Hula Hoops

· Plastic Butchers Knifes (Ex. Meat Cleavers)

· Fake Skulls

· Plastic Body Parts (Heads, Limbs, Organs)

· Medical Scrubs

· Fake Scientist Tools (Beakers/Flasks, Microscopes, Etc.)

· Rubber Gloves

· Large Living Room lamp

· Spider Decorations

Spring Dual Credit Dates

Juniors and Seniors,

Below are some important dates for Spring Dual Credit registration. More information will be coming out in the next week or two, but go ahead and put these dates on your calendars:

-Priority Registration(current students) starts 11/14/17

-Regular Registration(new students) starts 11/20/17

-Last day for TSI testing 12/01/17

-Registration ends 1/06/18

-Classes begin 1/16/18



Senior College Information from Mr. Kennington

College application season is underway. Below is some information to help make this process a little less overwhelming. Please read through the information and attached links to help with any questions that you may have. ***Save this e-mail for future reference***

Important Links and Information:

  • Pay attention to deadlines
  • New Tech College Admissions - Important steps and links related to college applications
  • Naviance - Use Naviance for college searches, transcript requests, letter of recommendation requests and more.
  • Post-High School Handbook - Contains information about college, ACT/SAT, scholarships, careers, and much more.
  • If a school accepts Common Application, then use the Common Application and link Common Application with Naviance (see instructions below)
  • Quick Reference Guide for LORs
  • Please update Naviance as you submit applications and receive decisions. This really helps with data moving forward.

FAFSA, Financial Aid & Scholarships:

  • Go HERE for information
  • FAFSA should be available October 1. Complete this as soon as possible for better chances of receiving money for college.

Requesting Transcripts:

  • Log in to Naviance and click on "Colleges"
    • If you have trouble logging in, then send me an e-mail to reset your password
  • Go to "Colleges I am Applying To" and add any colleges that you intend to apply to here
  • Once your colleges are added select "request transcripts" and make request for all schools to which you are applying

Requesting Letters of Recommendation:

  • Make sure that you ask facilitators in person BEFORE following the steps below
  • Log in to Naviance and click on "Colleges"
    • If you have trouble logging in, then send me an e-mail to reset your password
  • Go to "Colleges I am Applying To" and add any colleges that you intend to apply to here
  • At bottom of this page you will see the letter of recommendation section. Click on link and follow instructions

Linking Family Connection and Common Application:

Follow the steps below to match your Common App and Family Connection accounts:

  1. On Common App:
    • Register for an account
    • Click the My Colleges tab and add at least one college
    • Sign the FERPA Release Authorization
    • Click the Common App tab and enter your high school information in the Education section
  2. On Family Connection:
    • Click the Colleges tab
    • Click Colleges I'm Applying To
    • Enter your Common App username into the Common App Account Matching screen

College Super Match:

  • Log in to Naviance and click on "Colleges"
    • If you have trouble logging in, then send me an e-mail to reset your password
  • Click on "Super Match" under the College Research Section
  • Complete as much or little information as you choose to receive college matches
  • This is a great tool to help you find or narrow down your school choices

Please reach out to me if you have any questions as you are moving through this process.

Thank you,


New Tech Helping After Harvey

Parents and Learners,

Below is the email that I sent out last week about our efforts to help after Hurricane Harvey.

Due to the devastation on the Texas Coast from Hurricane Harvey, NTH@C has committed to partnering with Creech Elementary School in Katy, TX and supporting them throughout the rebuilding of their school and community by hosting a toy donation drive. Their campus, as well as their neighborhoods, were significantly affected by the storm and we have been very intentional over the course of the past few weeks to work with the campus to fill a need that will not already be addressed by another organization.

Creech Elementary School has been classified as unfit for use, so they will be using a satellite campus at the University of Houston for the remainder of the school year. The University of Houston has donated this space, but it is a college campus and has no playground or other recreational activities. Creech Elementary School serves Mrs. Osterberger’s nephew and other young learners who will be without toys, games, and other recreational items while their school is repaired.

Therefore, NTH@C launched a Recess-Time Game Drive yesterday within your learner’s Networking class. During this drive, we will collect all types of games and recreational toys so that the learners of Creech Elementary School will be able to enjoy some play time during school. The due date for donations is Wednesday, September 27th.

Some examples of donations include board games, sidewalk chalk, paints, jump ropes, jacks, and large checkers. You may also donate gift cards. Feel free to send a WalMart, Target, or Amazon gift card and we will purchase the supplies for you.

Creech Elementary School appreciates your awesome support and is excited about the partnership with NTH@C. Thank you for all of your questions, comments, and suggestions as we build this partnership. We know that the road to healing after a devastating event can be quite long and do not expect this partnership to end with this drive. We will continue to be in contact with the school and let you know of other drives and opportunities throughout the year as they work within their new “normal”.

Many thanks to Ms. Osterberger, the LLC, and NTCs for helping us put this effort together!

Proud to be your principal,

Steffany Batik

Write- A- Check

Did you know that the New Tech PTSO will only ask you for a donation ONCE this year? No candy, wrapping paper, or discounts card sales. Promise!

Did you know that ONLY with your help, the New Tech PTSO is able to provide amazing benefits to our students and facilitators like:

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Enrichment programs for learners/facilitators
  • Learner incentives and rewards
  • Teacher Appreciation events and gifts, and
  • Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Our 2017-2018 goal for the New Tech PTSO Fundraising Campaign is $10,000. ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED!

Write-A-Check contributions of $25 or more will receive one NTH@C t-shirt.

Write-A-Check contributions of $75 or more will also receive the option of having a yard sign placed in your yard.

Please help us help your kids and their school!

Thank you in advance for supporting New Tech High @ Coppell!

Join PTSO!!!

Purchase your PTSO membership by visiting the PTSO webstore. Membership in the PTSO helps us support NTH@C and gets you a copy of the student directory. To purchase, visit PTSO webstore
A Day/ B Day/ and Wednesday Schedule

Please use this calendar to help you determine if days are A days, B days or Workshop and Wonderful Wednesdays.