Battle of Fort Ticonderoga

May 10, 1775


The battle of Fort Ticonderoga was fought between two waterways.The two waterways were Lake Champlain and Lake George. Ticonderoga means between two waterways, which is how it got its name. The Fort Ticonderoga was was located in the northern part of New York, US.

Troop Information

British Leader: General Jeffery Amherst

British Men Fought: Only 48 men

Patriots Leader; Ethan Allan

Patriots Men Fought: 100 men

Battle Plans

During the Fort Ticonderoga battle, the Patriots came at night while the British were sleeping. The Patriots were wanting to attack at night so the British were surprised when they came. The British were unprepared so this led the British to have to surrender.

Turning Point

The turning point in this battle was when the British took the fort back over. The British had taken it back not long after the Patriots had took it from the British.

Outcome and Significance Event

The outcome of the battle was that the British won. This battle was important because the Patriots got cannons. The cannons were moved to Boston to end the siege of Boston.