Eagle Counselor Chronicles

August Newsletter

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Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are excited to begin a new year with our

Eagles. The counselors, teachers, and administrators have been diligently working to ensure that your child’s year is successful. We will periodically send out the

Eagle Counselor Chronicles. Each issue will address concerns and answer questions that you may have, as well as provide you with important information. There is a famous saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. In order to prepare your child for success, we will have to work as a team, that means, you, teachers, administrators, and counselors. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s academic progress, we encourage you to communicate directly with your child’s teacher(s), as they interact and monitor your child’s progress on a daily basis.

Now, you may be wondering...Who exactly are the Willowridge Counselors?

The Willowridge Counselors are:

Ms. Tiffany Chaney, Lead Counselor- Works with Last Names A-D

Email: Tiffany.Chaney@fortbendisd.com

Mrs. Trenise Duckens- Works with Last Names E-K

Email: Trenise.Duckens@fortbendisd.com

Mrs. Lasheka Allen- Works with Last Names L-P

Email: Lasheka.Allen@fortbendisd.com

Mrs. Francesca Williams- Works with Last Names Q-Z

Email: Francesca.Williams@fortbendisd.com

Mrs. Danielle Anderson-Works with all P-Tech students

Email: Danielle.Anderson@fortbendisd.com

Ms. Kimberly Green- College, Career, Military and Readiness Counselor

Email: Kimberly.Green@fortbendisd.com

Mrs. Antoinette Adams-Counseling Clerk for Last Names A-K

Email: Antoinette.Adams@fortbendisd.com

Mrs. Isabel Arellano- Counseling Clerk for Last Names L-Z


Your counselor is here to support and guide you throughout your time at WHS in the areas of:

Academic Support

Social Emotional Learning and Support

Post-Secondary Planning

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At this time, we taking schedule changes. The deadline to submit the schedule change form is August 19th at 4 pm.

Here are the Requirements/Reasons for a schedule change:

- Sequence of courses is out of order- Incomplete schedule (Keep in mind that in some cases, your alternate elective course had to be used in completing your schedule)

- Failure of a course that must be repeated

- In a course that you have already taken and PASSED

- Missing/Double class periods

We will not honor any request for a teacher change.

** Please note: Students in a AP or AAC course, will have to wait three weeks before they are able to level down. If you would like an elective change, there is no guarantee that your request will be granted. Remember, all schedule change requests may NOT be granted. We may not be able to honor requests due to full classes or scheduling conflicts.

Please allow a few days for processing once the deadline closes. The counselor will send a response to the student's email address that was provided in the form. Again, the deadline to submit this form is August 19th at 4 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

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Gifted and Talented Information

Is your child exceptionally bright, and do they seem far more advanced when you compare them to their peers? Consider referring your child for testing to see if they will qualify for the FBISD Gifted and Talented Program.

FBISD is accepting GT referrals online from August 11th -September 30th.

Please click the link below to refer your child. https://gt.fortbendisd.com/

All referrals must be submitted online by 9/30/2021.

Senior Conferences

The counselors and CCR will be conducting conferences with all SENIORS during their English IV classes on the following dates:

We will review transcripts, needed courses, how to apply for college, and complete Naviance tasks. For further questions, please contact your child's counselor.

Want the latest news from your Counselors?

Did you know that your counselors have a webpage that has a lot of information regarding schedule changes, Office Aide/Off Campus Application, level down forms, request to see your counselor, schedule change forms, and upcoming important dates. Please click on this link to view our webpage: https://www.fortbendisd.com/domain/2655

Please check your Class Schoology pages for updates as well.

Important Dates

August 11th- First Day of School

August 11th- Application window opens for office aide/off campus (SENIORS ONLY). Please check the Class of 2022 Schoology page for link to application

August 11th- Schedule change request form is available (see newsletter for link)

August 19th- Last day to submit application for office aide/off campus (SENIORS only) and last day to submit a schedule request

August 26th - Senior Parent Night with CCMR at 6 pm

Helpful Links + Resources for Students & Parents

Need to see your counselor

Need to speak with a Counselor? Please complete this form and make an appointment. If this is an emergency, please see an adult. - Emotional support - Academic Growth - Transcript Audit - Advanced Placement Testing - P-Tech

How to Request a Transcript

All transcript request must be made via Naviance