Our Week in 4th Grade

Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Hester, Mrs. Schranz

This Week in Math

Unit 4: Fractions and Decimals

Students will be introduced to place value for decimals. We will discuss tenths and hundredths. Students will learn how to convert between fractions and decimals. In 4th grade, students will know how to convert fractions with a denominator of 10 and 100 to decimals.

Students will be taking their fluency assessments this week. They will complete a mixed operation assessment that includes simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. Their goal is to complete 40 problems in 3 minutes. They will also have multi-digit addition and subtraction problems to complete. Their goal is to complete 6 problems in 3 minutes. These assessments will be reflected on their report card.

IXL Topics:

Topic T: Multiply Fractions

Topic U: Decimals

This Week in Writing

Unit 4: Informational Writing

This week in writing, the students will pair up with another student and peer edit their informational essay. They will also put the text and text features together on their pages to complete the final copy of their writing piece. The students have worked very hard on informational writing and have learned much. They are very excited to share with their classmates what they have accomplished.

This Week in Reading

Unit 5: Colonial America

This week in reading class, we've begun a new unit called Colonial America. In this unit, the students will be learning about Colonial America by using text and genre features, determining importance, making inferences, finding word meanings (vocabulary), and synthesizing.

The students also took a fluency test this week. Scores were shared with the students, and the score will also be reflected on the report card.

This week, students will take the STAR reading test. The results will be shared with the students after break so that we can discuss new reading goals for fourth quarter.

The end of the quarter is Thursday, March 24. Please talk with your child about how they have been doing with their reading goal for this quarter. In order to participate in the AR party, they need to have achieved their goal by March 24th. I "conference" with each child in reading class at least one time a week to discuss their AR progress. They also are responsible to keep track of their progress using forms kept in their AR folders. You may also log onto Renaissance Home Connect and view his/her progress. You will need your child's username and password. Please let me know if you have questions about how to do this.

Please continue to have your child read daily at home from their AR books for 35 minutes.

Thanks for your support!

Daily Homework

Reading: read for 35 minutes

Math: practice facts for 10 minutes, practice with Xtra Math, IXL and Prodigy

Important Dates

Thursday, March 24: End of 3rd Quarter, Homework Party

Friday, March 25: No School

March 28-April 1: Spring Break