World Trade Center Reborn

By: Clare Slattery

National 9/11 Memorial

On the afternoon of September 11, 2001, just hours after New York City's World Trade Towers were hit by terrorist-flown planes and collapsed, it was hard to imagine Lower Manhattan could ever be the same again. Thirteen years later, Lower Manhattan does in fact look different. In place of the near acre sized square previously designated to the Twin Towers, a memorial has been built to honor the victims of 9/11. This memorial consists of two separate square waterfalls, each 30 feet in depth. The waterfalls are surrounded by the engraved names of every single man and woman who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. While their ends have brought us all sadness, we need only to glance into the shimmering pool, reflecting the image of the great blue sky blanketing New York City, to catch a glimpse of where they are now.

One World Trade Center

Once the pools were added to Ground Zero as a memorial, it was time to look toward regrowth. While the attack on the Twin Towers was crippling, it has not stopped us from looking forward and rebuilding from the rubble. Much thought and work went into the process of designing and building a new trade center on Ground Zero, the One World Trade Center. Many aspects of WTC are symbolic for our nation. WTC was built to stand exactly 1,776 feet tall, correlating with the official year of America's independence. At 1,362 feet, the same height at World Trade Center 2 when it was standing, is an observation deck. At 1,368 feet, the same height ast World Trade Center 1 when it was standing, is a floor completely surrounded by glass. On top of the WTC is an antenna that stands 408 feet tall with a revolving spotlight. The One World Trade Center includes plenty of room for offices, lobbies, and public room. While the tragedy of 9/11 can never be erased, One World Trade Center, the third tallest building in the world (not to mention the tallest in all North America), is a symbol that you can hurt America's economy and material features, but you can never lay a finger on our spirit or resilience.