Great Apps for mLearning

Five mobile apps to inspire and engage

What is mLearning?

Mobile Learning is learning through the use of personal electronic devices across multiple contexts, through social and/or content interactions. MLearning liberates the learner, giving them access to a flexible and personal experience to learn at their own pace and in their own time and space.
Why mobile learning?
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Top Five MLearning Apps

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1. Journal Jar

It can sometimes be a daunting task for students to choose an in-class creative writing topic on-the-spot. Journal Jar is a hands-on writing prompt that get's students to shake things up! Students shake the 'journal jar' (their mobile device), resulting in a creative writing prompt popping up on screen. Teachers can get their students to use the app in their Language Arts classroom to spend more time on practicing the desired skill, and less time on choosing a topic.

2. Shmuppet- The Virtual Puppet Application

Shmuppet is an app that let's students create audio tracks over top of animated puppets. The app is easy to use, is free, and is entertaining for all ages. Shmuppet can be used in multiple class settings and could be a great way for students to make presentations in a fun way. Since the app allows users to easily share their recordings, students' presentations could be shared via email or SMS message to each class device, giving students the flexibility to view and reply with their own puppet recording at their own pace.

3. Mobl21

Mobl21 is an easy-to-use mobile learning application that allows teachers to publish micro lessons. Students can then download them as study guides, flashcards and quizzes, onto their mobile device. The app gives students on-the-go access to important class material that can be accessed anytime, anyplace. My favorite feature of this app is that it allows students to make us of idle time in between classes or while commuting to review class material and study for quizzes.

4. Evernote

Evernote is a note taking and information organization tool.This app gives students multiple means to gather information. During class lessons students can type notes, record lectures, and take pictures of content information. Evernote then lets students access and organize these notes outside of class time. This is a great app because it gives students a way to convert class content delivered in one manner, into multiple means of representation (audio, visual, and or written).

5. Shakespeare In Bits

Shakespeare in Bits is an amazing resource for high school Literature and/or Language Arts classes. Students have been struggle with breaking-down and interpretation of Shakespeare's works for decades, and there have been many attempts at aiding students and teachers in this endeavor. Shakespeare in Bits is a multimedia approach that brings these works to life through animated re-enactments and full audio options. It also includes in-line translations and literary analysis. This app empowers students and teachers with the tools to understand and appreciate Shakespeare by providing scaffolding, resulting in an engaging and understandable approach to Shakespeare in the classroom.