The Vietnamese in Kansas

The Story of Garden City

By: Logan and Reid

Who are the Vietnamese?

The Vietnamese are people from Vietnam. They came to Kansas in an immigrant group in search for a new life, and a better future.

Where did the Vietnamese come from? Where did they settle?

They came from a country in Asia called Vietnam to find a place in the U.S.A. to have peace.

They found a place in Kansas called Garden City.

Why did they leave their homeland? Why did they come to Kansas?

In the 1960s, North and South Vietnam had a war, and South Vietnam lost the war. South Vietnam was worried that they would be treated badly, and they were forced to lose their jobs, so they left. They were friends with the U.S.A. so they decided to move there. Most of the Vietnamese were needed to work in the beef packing business. Others needed cheap land for farming.

When did they come?

The Vietnamese came after 1975, which was when the war ended.

What did they find in Kansas?

The Vietnamese found good paying jobs and cheap land. Although they got the money they needed from their jobs, the jobs were still hard and sometimes dangerous.
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