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Randall Higgins. Take a bow


Finally tracked the culprit down – YOU!

YOU are the brilliant dude who got us a Lexmark up in the testing materials area – MUCH THANKS!

It is absolutely perfect and once we saw it (and recovered from its apparently miraculous appearance) we all went “duh! – what a good idea!” We will use the socks off of it. THANKS!!!

Richard Weeter, Ph.D., Executive Director

Planning, Research, and Evaluation Department

Neal Kellogg - Thanks!

As many of you know, Roosevelt purchased close to 800 iPads around July 1 with SIG dollars in order to provide their students with a 1:1 experience like that of Arthur.

In order to effectively deploy a 1:1, a ton of planning has to occur and site leadership must fully adopt a growth mindset.

Thanks to Neal for his data mining skills and identifying early adopters. For this year, we'll deploy 10-12 shared carts to those early adopters. Next year, there will be plans for 1:1 instead of a shared model. Additionally, Neal has communicated with stakeholders and negotiated consensus.

Enterprise Services and Project Management Office

Huge #fistbump to Enterprise Services and the Project Management Office for achieving 92% data health in our last trial upload. The 8 percent deficit is due to TERMS discrepancies that can only be fixed at the local site level. Both departments are relentless and will interface with schools in order to get it cleaned up for our next and final trial upload in May. Keep in mind that no district ever achieves 100%, but we will get really close.
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BOE Meeting

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 5:30pm

900 North Klein Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK

An item is on the agenda that will require 3 mandatory vacation days the 2nd week of Spring Break, March 14-16.

IT Governance - CANCELLED

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 9am

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

Several of us will be attending an Apple leadership event in Norman.

OMES Site Visit #2 - Rescheduled

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 2:30pm

1134 Northwest 8th Street

Oklahoma City, OK

Due to a scheduling faux pas, OMES will be onsite on Tuesday
EdCampOKC is scheduled for Saturday, March 5 at John Marshall High School. An EdCamp is a free “un-conference” for educators to share ideas, collaborate and network together. If you've never been an EdCamp, I'd encourage you to go and experience it yourself.

Many thanks to Adam Rogers and Julie Gathright for serving on the EdcampOKC Planning Committee.

Bits and Bytes

#iArthur Twitter Hashtag - Pictures

Some great pictures from Arthur's ConnectED Showcase


The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us - Daniel Pink's presentation illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.