A Christmas Carol Play Review

By: Alexis Johnson

Why some should see A Christmas Carol play

Why should someone see A Christmas Carol? Well it is a vey good visual of the classic book Charles Dickens wrote and the cast is amazing as well, it also keeps the main idea of the story going.The play matches the book very well, it shows all of the ghost and keeps the main idea going, however they change some language which is easier to understand. The cast does a great job making the play come to life. The emotion, special effects, sets, and costume show what is like back in the Victorian era, also they keep the audience entertained with jokes every once in a while. Finally it keeps the main idea going, saying its better to give than receive. After Scrooge meets the ghosts, he immediately became cheery and gave money to the poor he also celebrated with his coworker and bought his family a very nice Christmas dinner. In conclusion the play was very good and it is very similar to the classic novel, I would recommend it to some body.

Scrooge and my sacrifice

The main character Ebenezer Scrooge, is a man who loves to save his fortune. He doesn't like giving his money to anyone even the poor and hurt, but after the ghosts come he sacrifices his own money. He gives his money to a man who owed him money, and then gives him extra money to spend. I had to sacrifice my dog. We decided to foster a dog and we already had a dog named Marvin. At first Marvin and the dog got along, then the dog was mean to Marvin. We had to find a different home for the dog.