Aaron Milligan

ceramics 1

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mug project

Artist Statement

This piece of art was based of the movie Monster's Inc. I wanted to make a something that was different from everyone else was doing. I used the slab method, but patted the end with a ruler in order to give the mug a rounder shape because my problem was getting the shape correct. i dont think i would change anything.

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i created this because i wanted something less complicated than my mug, but i didnt want it to be simple. The biggest problem i had was it wasnt tall enough so i added a base to it. If i could change anything about this i would make the red glaze cleaner so it didnt run into the white
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slave sculpture

The works shows what looks to be a slave tied up, and with the head angled where all you can see is a shadow. The main element/principle is movement because the realistiness of the the sculpture draws your eyes in all directions of the piece. I think this piece is about the treatment of slaves, and shows the emotions felt by the slaves because his body language makes him look discouraged and defeated. I think this works because it gets its messaged across with the realism displayed and the body language.
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Abstract Vase

It appears to be stem like arms conecting to one another from the top of a vase. It kinda looks like an abstract flower. The element/principle that dominate the piece are balance and movement because the top of the vase move your eye up and down around the piece and one side is not overpowering the other, which shows balance. I think that the artist is trying to get the idea of teamwork across with this becase all the stem like arms look to be working together for a common purpose. I do think that this piece works only because there is not one way to interrpert the work. Someone could make this art support anything they wanted it to support .